Broken Plates? They Can be Reused For Decoration

If a plate breaks, instead of throwing it away, give it another use. With some careful planning and creativity, broken plates can become a unique decorative resource in your home.
Broken Plates? They Can be Reused For Decoration

Last update: 20 October, 2021

Your home can be nurtured with different ornamental resources that can be bought or created by you. Everything can have a second life and be given a new use. Therefore, if you have a few broken plates, they can be reused for decoration.

We can bring out our creative side at any time and make our own creations that demonstrate another aesthetic approach. There’s no doubt that originality is how we can guarantee success. Being unique helps us to obtain new goals. In fact, it’s in the world of interior design where we’ll find multiple opportunities to highlight our own personalities.

Broken plates: what creative uses do they have?

Broken plates? They can be reused for decoration

As we’ve mentioned, not everything that breaks should end up in the trash. If this happens to a plate, is it necessary to get rid of it immediately or can it be used in another way? Actually, we’ve got different possibilities, everything’s a matter of finding a solution.

In the world of crafts, the hands are the tools of the mind. Basically, an artistic procedure can be applied to use the materials as they suit us. In other words, we can create a unique and creative formula to decorate our homes.

Different pieces of china can be extracted from a broken plate with which we can create some very interesting designs. The best creativity ensures a practical and eye-catching design. Although, if we don’t plan our ideas carefully, we risk an unsatisfactory result.

Broken plates: reuse for decoration

One thing we can confirm is that broken plates can be reused for decoration, but do you really know how? It’s time for us to present some ideas. Let’s see some examples:

  • Broken plant pots are one of the easiest items to work with. The different pieces of the pot can be glued all over the surface. If this is a colored pot, then, so much the better; it’ll provide a touch of polychromy that’s more elegant.
  • Placing pots on a flat surface, such as on a table or countertop, also creates an attractive appearance.
  • If we simply want to turn the plate into an artistic resource, we must arrange it, for example, on a wall. In this way, we’re elevating the artistic status of an element that’s previously been used in a purely functional way.
  • In the event that we want to decorate a photo frame, it’s necessary to adapt the pieces to the shape. If we’ve got to define or polish the edges, we can also do this without a problem. It’s all about being creative.

Create a mural with broken plates

Mural of broken dishes

Probably, on more than one occasion we’ve all accidentally broken a plate, a glass, or a ceramic vase. In this situation, don’t be alarmed, since everything has a second chance. Although we can’t always restore the original shape, we can create other designs and uses.

Sometimes it’s a good option to decorate a wall with a mural. It’s a way of adorning a surface that otherwise would be bare. Thus, by using the broken pieces of different objects, we can build a custom piece.

To do this, you’ll have to use glue and make a design according to your criteria. The approach you choose will depend on you and what you want to create.

Mosaic: a useful component for decoration

Alongside the above ideas, we couldn’t forget about the mosaic. If you’ve got numerous, small broken pieces then you should use this as decorative inspiration. The objective is that you generate an eye-catching effect.

This will be a procedure that’s similar to creating a mural. Your mosaic can represent a design that’s suitable for any surface, even on the ground itself! Now, this is an interesting concept to decorate your garden.

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