4 Cute Decor Ideas with Crochet Flowers

Learn how to crochet flowers step-by-step and decorate your home, clothes and accessories with them!
4 Cute Decor Ideas with Crochet Flowers

Last update: 08 September, 2019

Do you enjoy crafts and want to decorate your home with your creations? If so, keep reading to learn how to make crochet flowers. In addition, learn different ways to decorate with them.

Crocheting is a knitting technique that’s popular for creating a wide variety of items. It’s a technique that’s especially popular for clothing. But crocheting has been gaining popularity for other everyday decor items for some time now.

In our post today, we want to center our attention on crochet flowers. These are a trendy decor detail. Read about the easy ways to create your own crochet flowers below. In addition, learn about the different ways you can decorate with them.

Crochet flowers: how you make them

crochet flowers how

There are all kinds of ways to make crochet flowers. If you’re just starting off, here are two simple patterns to try. Use your favorite colors and your choice of material. You’ll need the following items:

  • Wool or cotton yarn (color and thickness)
  • Crochet hook (metal, plastic or wood)
  • Thread and basic sewing needles
  • Buttons (your preference)

For these two techniques, you’ll need at least need to know the basic stitch. In crocheting, chain stitches create a chain that serves as the base of the project. To chain stitch, you need to stitch two or more loops together to form a chain. Continue to stitch a rectangular or circular base and onward to crochet the following patterns.

Pattern 1

Once you have your rectangular chain, wrap it over itself to create a rose. After, shape it with your hands to form a perfect rose.

When you have the shape, sew the rose secure with your needle and thread. By sewing it shut, your crochet rose will keep its shape. This is one of the easiest ways to create crochet flowers.

crochet flowers examples

Pattern 2

Our next idea will tackle flowers with petals. Start with the same kind of chain from the first pattern. Wrap it around itself and start crocheting individual circles. If you want, use different colors for the circles to create a more colorful flower. After, take one of the circles and use it as the center of your flower.

Lastly, attach the petals one by one onto the circumference of the base circle. Sew them on securely with a matching color of thread. And you’re done! Now you have a beautiful crochet flower. If you want, add a cute button in the center that matches in color. Secure it with glue or by sewing it on.

Decorating with crochet flowers

There are all kinds of ways to decorate with crochet flowers. You can use them to decorate your clothes, purses, backpacks, curtains or you can even create original objects with them. Check out our original ideas below.

1. Jazz up your clothes

If you have a plain or neutral-colored piece of clothing, try decorating it with your crochet flowers. Sew them on wherever you want and you’re done! When you’re finished, you will have something new with flowers and originality.

2. Make a cute pin

Another idea is gluing a pin onto your crochet flower to make a cute pin for your purses, backpacks, wallets, jackets and anything else. They’re such a cute and practical idea as you can remove and pin them on whichever accessory you want whenever you want.

crochet flowers ideas

3. Make a flower garland

Want to fill your space with flowers? Here’s an original yet simple idea that will add color and charm to your home decor. Take a long piece of the yarn that you used to crochet your flowers. Now, take your flowers and attach them to the piece of yarn. Attach them side by side or space them out.

Then, you’re done! Hang it up on a wall, the ceiling or over your bedroom door.

4. Make a bouquet of crochet roses

crochet flowers roses

Our last idea is gorgeous and romantic. Make a bouquet of faux roses to decorate your home. Once you finish crocheting each rose, start crocheting green chains and sew them onto the base of each rose.

As you’ve read with use today, there are endless possibilities for decorating with crochet flowers. If you’re looking for more detailed patterns, look for patterns online and download themMake your crochet flowers and decorate your entire home with these little beauties!