3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Computer

In our post today, learn how to decorate your computer with original items in different ways. Transform it into something colorful and unique!
3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Computer

Last update: 22 October, 2019

If you have a personal laptop computer, check out our post and learn creative ways to decorate it. If you’re sick of looking at the same laptop, just try out some decor accessories. Read our 3 creative ways to decorate your laptop and give it some color or texture.

Make your own designs, try vinyl decals, rhinestones, and other elements.

A good clean first

Before starting on your decor, first, clean the entire surface of your computer. Use a slightly damp rag and carefully wipe the back of the screen and keyboard. Be extra careful! Make sure the rag is only slightly wet as using too much water can ruin your computer. Once your laptop is clean, dry it off with another rag.

computer clean

Decide which spots to decorate

Once your computer is clean, move on to decide the areas you want to decorate. The elements you can decorate with will depend on said areas. Consider the top part behind the screen, keyboard or ends of the laptop. You can use vinyl decals, washi tape or rhinestones to decorate.

Decor ideas

These ideas are all easy, stick-on ideas for your computer. We also want to add that you shouldn’t ever paint your computer screen. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also very difficult to remove. Instead, try these easy stick-on decor ideas.

1. Vinyl decals

computer decal

Vinyl decals are great decor options for computersThey come in fun designs that can stick onto nearly any surface. Today, you can find decals that are specifically designed for laptops. They come in original formats and colors.

Browse organic or geometric designs and patterns or figures in your favorite color. You can even custom order decals. They fit perfectly on the back of your screen as the come in medium to large sizes.

2. Washi tape

computer washi tape

Another low-budget yet easy decor idea is washi tape. Washi tape is a hot decor trend and can work on any surface.

Decorating your laptop with washi tape can score great results. It’s easy to manipulate and you can apply it however you want as it’s similar to regular tape. But unlike regular tape, it has fun colors and designs.

Washi tape comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Choose a set of them and have fun to create personal decor. Cover the entire top of your computer with washi tape. Or, try making vertical or horizontal lines, or anything that you can think of.

You can even decorate your computer keys with washi tape. Just cut it into pieces that fit the keys. Your laptop will look so cute with different colored keys in fun designs.

3. Rhinestones

computer rhinestones

Last but not least, using stick-on rhinestones can be a great idea for anyone who loves shiny things and texture. You can find sheets of these decor bits in all kinds of colors and shapes.

Try partially or completely covering your laptop in rhinestones. And you can use different colors to create your own design. This decor idea is great for teens.

Aside from a beautiful gleam and personalized designs, rhinestones also create a cool texture. Choose your ideal color and shape for your rhinestones and unleash your imagination.

As you’ve read with us today, decorating your computer is simple thanks to a few accessories. Choose the idea that most interests you. Or go for a picture or pattern that you can identify with and give your laptop a boost of color. And you can change the design whenever you want! It’s time to get started. Have fun!

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