10 Flowerpot Ideas Full of Creativity

Check out these creative flowerpot ideas that we found on the internet. They're all easy to make and will look beautiful in your home.
10 Flowerpot Ideas Full of Creativity

Last update: 04 February, 2020

Who doesn’t love bringing nature into their home, filling it with fresh, clean air? We talk about the importance of having plants at home in many of our posts. Also, we dive into the benefits of surrounding ourselves with them and the decor plus that they can offer as well. So today, check out these 10 creative flowerpot ideas to keep the plants coming.

Green is life

Plants clean homes and eliminate toxins. They can also spice up your dishes and give you the perfect hobby. Plants only have advantages. They even fill you with energy and brighten your day.

That’s precisely why Feng Shui focuses particularly on plants and their benefits (check it out for yourself)Interior designs are also incorporating plants more into decor projects.

But back to the creative flowerpot ideas. These ideas will showcase your plants and give them an additional pinch of originality. Which idea will you go for?

Creative flowerpots

We’ve raked Pinterest boards for the best ideas and here are the top 10 simplest and cutest ideas for your home. Ready to pump green into your life?

1. Natural wood

flowerpot natural wood

If you’re all about natural materials and want to decorate a corner of your home, try these pallet flowerpots. Here at DecorTips, we thought they’d be perfect for making a home garden.

2. A well-rounded idea

flowerpot round

With this next idea, you can fill your home with mini plants while you decorate your walls. Round wooden frames will make the perfect base for terrariums and they’ll be the envy of every guest. Succulents are perfect plants for this creative idea, don’t you think?

3. Simplicity in its purest form

flowerpot ideas simplicity

These 3-pot sets are the perfect home decor accessory for Scandinavian decor. They’re made of ratan and you can play around with the sizes and plants.

4. Repurposing ideas

flowerpot ideas repurpose

If you want to help the environment, this next idea is for you. You only need a couple of tin cans. Paint them and fill will fresh herbs. After, use string to hang them in a handy spot.

Aside from brightening your kitchen and filling it with lovely aromas, your dishes will taste better with herbs. Check out these other ideas for repurposing tin cans.

5. A cart full of nature

flowerpot ideas nature

Ikea’s famous RÅSKOG trolley offers a world of possibilities. We’ve seen it as a nightstand, auxiliary kitchen table, shelving unit and now as a precious flowerpot stand.

6. Hanging garden

flowerpot ideas hanging garden

How about using a clothes-rack as a support for a hanging garden? We love this idea because it’s simple to pull together and creates a natural home decor. You can also complement it by adding accessories or books on the bottom, as shown in the picture above.

7. One cup of tea, please

flowerpot ideas tea

Succulents are a new decor obsession and this tea set example is solid proof. Look how cute they look in a teapot and teacups. They’re perfect for decorating a side-table or setting up in your home entrance.

8. Cooking pots

flower pot ideas pot

Speaking of repurposing and DIY projects, hanging old cooking pots and filling them with flowers is the best idea around! If yours look too old, give them a fresh coat of paint and decorate them with some string. They’ll look lovely.

9. Picture perfect

flowerpot ideas picture

You can make a beautiful framed flowerpot like the one above with an old picture frame and glass jar. The idea is super cute and easy to follow through. Hang it in your dining room or bedroom.

10. Waterproof

flowerpot ideas boots

Make repurposing your thing and use old rain boots to create flowerpots that beam creativity and color.

There’s no excuse not to let nature fill every nook and cranny of your home. With these 10 ideas, you can create original flowerpots and fill your home with life.

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