Feng Shui - A Special Energy for Every Room in Your Home

Looking for peace and harmony for your home? Feng Shui can help help you understand the Bagua map. Grab a pencil and piece of paper because we're diving in!
Feng Shui - A Special Energy for Every Room in Your Home

Last update: 22 December, 2019

We’ve dedicated many of our posts to Feng Shui (and promise there’ll be more). We love how it works to harmonize settings and how much it can enhance them.

This centuries-old philosophy is full of wisdom and invites you to use energy for your own benefit. In Feng Shui, home decor plays a crucial role.

The practice uses many tools to balance energy but they all stem from one in particular – the Bagua map.

What is the Bagua Map?


You can create an energy map for your home with the Bagua map. It will help you link each room to all the fundamental aspects of life.

The Bagua map has nine different sections where the five elements, shapes, materials, colors and even yin and yang come into play. They all create a diagram that you can apply to any space such as homes, offices or even a single bedroom.

How to chart out your Bagua map

feng shui drap map

You can only apply Feng Shui to your home by first using the map. Starting at your front door, draw a straight horizontal line from one side to the other. After, divide the space into nine equal parts.

Pick only from the last line of life areas for your front door area: growth and knowledge, career and life path, and mentors and outside contacts. Then, move on to assign the rest of your rooms to a specific life area.

The nine life areas and their meaning

These are the areas that Feng Shui upholds and separates:

1. Wealth and prosperity

feng shui prosperity

The first area links to good fortune and its element is wood. Meanwhile, the colors include reds, purples, and blues. If your wealth and prosperity room happens to be the bathroom, be careful with your decor or you might suffer economically. But there are always solutions: keep the toilet lid closed at all times and add plants with hanging leaves to bring in prosperity.

2. Fame and reputation

feng shui fame

This area is about what we want to become, our desires and what kind of image we want to project to others. Strengthen these aspirations by using red, pink or purple. Don’t forget about candles as fire is fame’s element.

3. Love and marriage

feng shui love

This area in your home doesn’t only revolve around your romantic relationships but rather, all of them. It also links to mother figures and nature as well. Thus, the colors are earthly and decor accessories must be set in pairs: two candleholders, two side-tables, two vases, etc.

4. Health and family

Feng shui health

Green and wood represent this life area and connect you to your roots. According to Feng Shui experts, if you have unresolved problems sitting in your past, they will hinder you from moving on and starting new projects.

5. Children and creativity

feng shui children

Metal, white and pastel colors channel this next life area. This room should help you start projects and shape them from beginning to end.

6. Growth and knowledge

feng shui growth

This area is for self-love. It’s a place where you can find peace, strength, reflection, and self-awareness. The colors include blue, green and black. As for the decor pieces, use soft, warm materials that lovingly invite to relax. In addition, aim for indirect lighting.

7. Career and life path

feng shui career

Now it’s about your profession, how you show it to the world and your social relationships. If you want to sharpen your ideas on these aspects, use dark colors, water and organic forms in your decor. Natural plants are a must in this area of your home.

8. Mentors and outside contacts

feng shui mentors

This area of your home will be the center of your personal growth and ode to all of those who were a part of your journey. Fill it with travel pictures and souvenirs that delighted you. In addition, use white, black and gray.


feng shui center

The center of these eight areas is the anchor that holds you in place. Feng Shui instructs to uphold order and place a crystal ball here to balance energies.

Now you have your Bangua map and know how to enhance each room’s energy. Come back soon for more tips on decor and harmonizing.

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