Smart and Elegant: The New Tom Dixon Bedroom Furniture Line

Tom Dixon surprises us again with his new bedroom furniture line. His practical designs continue his functional and dynamic style and allow you to make your own adjustments.
Smart and Elegant: The New Tom Dixon Bedroom Furniture Line

Last update: 12 June, 2019

Tunisian designer Tom Dixon has collaborated again with IKEA to unveil DELAKTIG 2.0. This new line of bedroom furniture is the second part of the his joint project with Ikea, which launched nearly a year ago.

The starting idea focused on creating a set of modular furniture that could be adapted to any space and lifestyle; and they nailed it.


tom dixon delaktig

Tom Dixon is known for industrial-inspired and vanguard designs— especially his light fixtures and office accessories.

Last year, he surprised everyone when he announced a collaboration project with Ikea. He wanted to create a modular collection that would allow consumers to adjust their furniture to fit their needs at a given moment or in certain space conditions.

In order to make his designs a reality, and to give consumers the power to design their own furniture, he designed a set of transformable furniture. The first collection features a stool, chaise longue, light fixture, and loveseat. It also includes various accessories such as furniture covers, decorative pillows, and side tables.

And that was the beginning of Delaktig, a living and democratic project from its start to finish. The project invited 75 university students from all over the world to collaborate in designs and finishes.

The project was fertile ground for collective innovation and design. From the success, a second part emerged. This time around, Delaktig 2.0 presented a smart and elegant bedroom furniture line.

A bedroom you can personalize

tom dixon bedroom

In the second round, Tom Dixon focuses on the bedroom and converts it into a completely versatile space. The same modular system found in the transformable sofas from the first part of the project return with a bed that can be personalized.

The bed is available in a 160 x 200 cm size. Consumers can select the mattress of their choice and customize it with mobile accessories.

The design offers two different options: a rattan headboard, which is perfect for creating warm spaces with a special charm; or a black headboard that creates a modern setting with an underlying industrial tone.

The bed uses natural fiber material, which gives the minimalist design a more lighthearted feel.

Speaking about his new bedroom furniture line and the inspiration that enabled him to create it, Tom Dixon stated, “I’m fascinated by the bed as a kind of primary unit that everybody needs.

We spend more time in contact with our beds than any other pieces of furniture, so why not make it do more?”

Textiles to dress up the new line

Tom dixon textiles

Delaktig 2.0 doesn’t just offer furniture, but it also features bedding. The comforter will stand the test of time and fit the bed perfectly. In addition, it can tie any room together.

It comes in various neutral, elegant colors: light pink, light beige, and stone gray. The comforter is more resilient than it’s delicate appearance portrays and it creates a noble setting with its colors.

This isn’t the first time that Dixon has ventured into textiles. The designer actually has many textile products.

In his recent launches, you can find a set of textured decorative pillows that use natural materials and colorful designs. They’re the perfect decorative accessories for a new, personalized room.

tom dixon future projects

This British design firm isn’t slowing down. Tom Dixon is preparing new items for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019. The launch will be a refreshing collection that combines urban with nature.

The designs will center on community efforts, sustainability, and food production.

The continuing success of Delaktig points to the possibility of another collaboration with IKEA. But this time, their mission will target urban farming products.

In addition to urban farming products, the collaboration will focus on a combination of urban elements, spreading awareness of environmental issues and natural resources.