Create the Dressing Room of Your Dreams with Proper Lighting

You don't have to be a millionaire to have the dressing room of your dreams. With good lighting and the right colors, your dressing could look more spacious and comfortable. You'd also be able to see yourself better in the mirror and find everything faster.
Create the Dressing Room of Your Dreams with Proper Lighting

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Your dream dressing room isn’t as far off as you think it is. You don’t need a 20-room home with hundreds of square meters… you just need proper lighting in your closet.

In our post today, we’ll show you some closet tricks. They’re the same ones that interior designers use and will make your dressing room a real sight, without having to use too big of a budget nor needing any big home project.

If you have a walk-in closet (even if it’s small) to put away your clothes and shoes, you’re lucky as it is. Thousands of people dream about the dressing rooms that they see in movies!

The dressing room of your dreams might not be much more than what you already have right now if you’re just looking for something more comfortable, accessible, spacious… and with more lighting! If your dressing room has more lighting, it’ll look much better, almost fit for a celebrity. Read our following tips for the perfect dressing room.

1. Paint with light colors

This might not seem very important, but that’s definitely not the case. Many dressing rooms are quite dark because they’re made of wood or of another, dark material.

Dressing room colors

So, if you paint with light colors or pick out light colored shelves and drawers (preferably white), the space will seem bigger, roomier and brighter. You don’t even have to change your ceiling light bulbs.

2. Try to use natural light

A window, no matter how small it is, can be the key to creating your dream dressing room. It can help you find your clothes more efficiently or help you see yourself better in the mirror. Using a skylight on your ceiling is another option.

But if construction projects aren’t an option, just try leaving your dressing room window open to let natural light flow in.

3. Add some artificial light

You don’t need any radical changes here; just a little light in strategic spots in your dressing room. It’s the same technique that clothing stores use: white lights in the dressing rooms to help you look sharper when you look in the mirror.

Built-in spotlights are a great way to light up your dressing room in an artificial way. You could also try Cardan spotlights or an embedded spotlight that lets you direct the spotlight. These options will help you see everything much better.

We recommend setting these lights to focus on special areas like the dresser, or have one shining on your shoes, another on your wallets, jackets, drawers, mirror, etc. They should be around 30 centimeters away from your furniture and depending on your preferences, use white or yellow bulbs.

4. LED light strips

These lights are very popular right now and highly efficient without requiring too much installation work. LED light strips are normally used in kitchens but they can work great in certain areas of your dressing room.

We suggest installing them in the higher areas of your furniture pieces, at the base of your wall (where the wall meets the bottom of your furniture), on shelves, on hangers, on the door…

Walk in closet LED strip

5. Use a central light

Our last idea is the simplest one, but it comes with some conditions. First, the light fixture that you use needs to both combine with your decor and also provide the lighting that you need. You’ll have to consider the size of your dressing room to make the best choice for your light fixture.

If you just have a normal dresser and not the dressing room of your dreams, you just need to follow our lighting tips.

You’ll see how much better your dressing area can look and how much faster you’ll find everything– unless you’re not very organized. Our tips will give something extra to your room’s decor. Look for lights that go well with your setting and you’ll enjoy a huge difference whenever you get changed.

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