Choosing a Lightweight Quilted Blanket for Your Bedroom

Learn how to choose the perfect one without having to sacrifice design.
Choosing a Lightweight Quilted Blanket for Your Bedroom

Last update: 12 November, 2018

When we decorate a bedroom, creating a room that revolves around rest and comfort should be our main goal. A blanket can make all the difference.

Our bedroom needs to be our personal temple where we can find peace and feel completely relaxed. Having that kind of space is crucial for recharging our batteries at night and waking up rested, or being wrapped in warmth on our free days. Consequently, our bedroom decor also becomes an important element.

One of the first things to consider when “dressing up” a bedroom is the perfect blanket. Aside from its visual appearance, a blanket keeps us warm and comfortable all night long.

We can find countless comforter brands, designs, and materials in stores. In today’s post, we’ll tell you all about lightweight quilted blankets. In addition to being very trendy, they’ll keep you nice and warm.

What is a lightweight quilted blanket?

Lightweight quilted blankets offer more padding than normal ones. They have a thin layer of quilted padding. Despite being lightweight, they offer much more warmth than traditional comforters. Their threading and high-quality fabric, which is soft and cloud-like, allows them to keep us warm.

On a further note, you can find a wide variety of designs with different patterns and materials. You could choose between all sorts of patterns, weights, and thicknesses. As the name implies, these blankets are normally lightweight, which makes for great use all-year-round. They are compatible with sheets or comforters, depending on the season.

There are many kinds for children and master bedrooms. Some varieties even include decorative pillows that add a little something extra to the bedroom’s decor.

Lightweight quilted blankets are definitely a trendy item these days. The demand for these products only seems to increase.

Lightweight Down Blanket Trend

What sets lightweight quilted blankets apart from other blankets?

It goes without saying that the bedding has a huge visual importance in our bedroom. It sets the mood for the elements around it. If we look at different examples of bedspreads, such as heavyweight or normal comforters, we can see the obvious differences in material and function.

Heavyweight goose down comforter

These blankets originate from the cold, northern European countries. The filling is made from duck or goose feathers. The duvet cover allows users to change the blanket according to the current season. However, the blanket will always have some degree of filling, which makes it a poor choice for hotter climates. As a result, you have to purchase two kinds of blankets if you want to use a heavyweight comforter. One for the colder months, and a lightweight blanket, for example, for warmer nights.

Finding a place to store these blankets could also be another inconvenience. Sometimes, this ends up being hard work and a pain to put away.

Compared to heavyweight comforters, we can use lightweight quilted blankets all-year-round— an impossible option with their heavyweight counterparts. Because they’re thinner, we can use them with other bedding in the summer. If the winter nights are cold, we could layer a blanket on top of our sheets, then cover everything with a lightweight quilted blanket.

light weight down blanket seasons

Lightweight quilted blankets and comforters

Unlike the other sorts of blankets that we’ve read about above, lightweight blankets  are available with and without a light filling. We can also find them made of different materials. They might be filled with polyester, cotton or even a mixture of both.

The advantage that comforters have is that they can liven up your decor without spending a fortune. In addition, you can pair them with a blanket to warm up on colder days.

Comforters, however, have more filling and you can´t change this.

Both lightweight quilted blankets and comforters can be easily moved when making the bed. You could even leave them hanging off the end. However, heavyweight comforters are so thick that they can’t hang off the sides of the bed. Consequently, they look much bulkier and cloud-like.

As we mentioned before, lightweight quilted blankets might include stuffing and can be used in all seasons. In the spring and summer, they work great on their own, while in the chiller months you can pair them with winter sheets or another blanket. We recommend silk lightweight quilted blankets. They feel incredible.

Another great advantage is the  versatility that they boast in terms of design and patterns in whatever color you want. On top of that, they allow for mix and matching between different kinds of fabrics.

lightweight down blanket versatility

Care instructions

Considering that you can use lightweight quilted blankets all-year-round, you should clean them much more gently than you would with other blankets. So, we’d like to share some advice on keeping your lightweight quilted blankets looking just like new.

First off, even before laying out the new blanket on your bed, you should wash it to eliminate any impurity that it might have. By doing so, your blanket will look cleaner, softer, and it’ll smell like your favorite fabric softener.

You should air out your blanket every day to remove dust and odors in addition to keeping it in good condition.

When washing your blanket, read the manufacturer’s instructions as the washing method depends heavily on the product’s material. Lightweight linen or silk blankets require a delicate, hand-wash. On the other hand, a warm water wash will suffice for other materials.

You can use any kind of detergent or soap. If you chose to wash your blanket at home, remember not to jam it into your washing machine. Also, don’t even think about the dryer; they’re better off air-drying. That’s a really important tip to keep your blanket in perfect condition for as long as possible.

When you iron your blanket, we recommend spreading it out and ironing directly on top of your bed. It’ll be easier and the end results will be much better.

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