Whimsical Decoration For the Bathroom - Original Decor Ideas

To create originality and break with tradition, consider creating bathroom decoration with a more personalized feel. Work towards the bathroom of your dreams!
Whimsical Decoration For the Bathroom - Original Decor Ideas

Last update: 26 July, 2020

Everyone wants a home that feels original. Depending on the space, certain elements can make a big difference. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas for whimsical decoration for the bathroom that are currently trendy.

When referring to “whimsical,” we’re not talking about anything specific. Instead, we’re talking about unique, attractive, and interesting shapes and aesthetics. Whimsical decoration can help you fulfill your personal decorative desires.

In the bathroom, whimsical has a certain role. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that everything should match the context. You can use certain objects to enhance aesthetics, rather than detract from them.

Whimsical decoration for the bathroom – why?

Whimsical decoration for the bathroom can be a way to personalize your space.

Generally, bathrooms are functional spaces in the home. In fact, they usually have different aesthetics to the rest of the decoration.

However, the bathroom is one of the most-used spaces and you should decorate it accordingly. You can even get a little more creative than in other rooms. How do you do this? Primarily, you should look at the rest of the decoration in your house and apply it in the bathroom as well.

For example, you could consider using wood floors in the bathroom and adding bookshelves or side tables, following the style of other rooms. Similarly, plants and mirrors like ones you have in your bedroom can help create aesthetic parallelism.

Look for creative, new ways to break with aesthetic traditions.

4 types of original sinks

Original sinks can be one way to create whimsical decoration for the bathroom.

In terms of sinks, you can find lots of different styles. We’re going to look at 4 types of sinks that are popular options for whimsical decoration in the bathroom.

  1. In bars and restaurants, rustic metal sinks are becoming fashionable. These give bathrooms a more original touch. To create this, you just need a metal bucket with a hole. If the bucket has aged, this will give the sink a vintage touch.
  2. Another option is a stone sink. You can use polished stone or a more natural option with a rougher surface. This decoration can help create a relationship with nature.
  3. On the other hand, we also recommend considering sink cabinets. When you want a cabinet that’s functional, you can choose more innovative options. For example, consider those with subtle designs or curved lines that highlight aesthetics.

Retro bathtubs that break with traditionalism

A retro bathtub and bathroom.

Combining the old-fashioned look with more refined, modern lines is possible. This is the case with bathtubs, which can have a retro design. However, these can also be reminiscent of more classic styles without looking too traditional.

Today, these bathtubs are certainly whimsical. In addition, they are a focal point for the bathroom. You can consider options in different shades, such as silver, gold, black, blue, and green.

The aesthetics of these bathtubs breaks with tradition. They are usually separate from the wall. As a result, they are more prominent with respect to other decorative elements.

Tiles and color

A bright red, tiled bathroom.

Regarding tiles, it’s important to consider the colors you can use, as well as shapes. You can use square tiles on the floor, while colored tiles are better on the walls.

One interesting option is to use geometric tiles, such as hexagonal-shaped tiles. Another idea is small square tiles in different colors. However, the best choice is to use white as the predominant color. Then, you can use other colors that add personality.

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