The Bathroom Mirror - How to Combine Design and Functionality

To achieve a correct harmony in the bathroom, there needs to be a combination of design and functionality.
The Bathroom Mirror - How to Combine Design and Functionality

Last update: 15 June, 2020

The bathroom mirror should be a key piece in the home. However, how can we combine design and functionality? This room has different decorative elements that must share the right connection with each other.

Designs need to complement each other and work in harmony.

This means a mirror must be a key piece that offers an interesting aesthetic, fulfills its functional purpose and, above all, fits perfectly with the style of the room. When the elements work with each other, there’s a sense of well-being in a space.

Keep the same style with the bathroom mirror

A minimalist bathroom mirror that is in harmony with the rest of decorative elements in the space

The first thing to consider is how to achieve a specific style. In other words, the general atmosphere of the house is nourished by an aesthetic that we should maintain in all the rooms.

The elements that make up the bathroom decoration must contribute to this style. Therefore, the mirror that we have in the bathroom must be of a design and color that helps define the style. This is how we imprint our personality on the decor.

One of the mistakes that people often make is adding elements that don’t bring harmony to the space.  Often, we choose decorative pieces that don’t fit with the style of our home. The mirror can be one of those elements. We get carried away by the aesthetic it has, without realizing that it shares no connection with the overall style of our home.

Formulas to combine design and functionality

Two matchig gold frame mirrors
Gold mirrors /

As we’ve talked about before, it’s very common to get carried away with the diversity in mirror designs. So, we must carefully analyze our bathroom, understand what our home’s style and ambiance are, and try to look for a design that can fit harmoniously with the whole look.

  • Keep in mind that a mirror, no matter how extravagant the design is, must still be functional. Its contribution to the bathroom must be aesthetic and practical. If it doesn’t meet the expectations and works only as a decorative piece, then it serves no purpose.
  • Try to look for balanced items. This means that they offer a specific aesthetic and are also functional. The bathroom mirror fulfills a very important role, and you’ll most likely use it every day.

Don’t lose the functionality of your bathroom mirror

A circle bathroom mirror centered above the sink

We use the bathroom mirror every day. The bathroom is one of the busiest spaces in the house, and we’re constantly using it. Therefore, it’s essential to have a mirror that we like and that is also useful.

A mirror that fits with the bathroom style will complement the room.

Design can be important, but it’s not essential. The practicality of the mirror more important.

The sensation we perceive with the bathroom mirror

A large mirror in a gray and brown themed bathroom

When there’s a direct relationship between functionality and design, then we’ve achieved our main goal. The first thing we feel is satisfaction.

However, when there’s no union between the two concepts, that’s when there’s a problem with the decoration, and we create an aesthetic clash.

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