Decorate your Bathroom with Fish Scale Tiles

Fall in love with fish scale tiles.
Decorate your Bathroom with Fish Scale Tiles

Last update: 13 August, 2019

Fish scale tiles are making waves in the world of bathroom decor. Despite being a rather old-fashioned decorating trend, these creative tiles are now more popular than ever. If you still haven’t seen them on social media or in decorating stores, you’ll find everything you need to know in this article. But be warned: you’re going to love them.

An old-fashioned decor trend

Fish scale tiles have never been more popular than they are right now. As a result, many people believe they are a new invention that has only just recently made its way onto the market. However, this isn’t actually the case. As we’re about to tell you, these beautiful tiles have a rich history going back centuries.

Centuries of history lie behind this modern fashion trend.

Fish scale tiles originate from Arab countries, where they have been made by-hand for centuries. Their production is left to skilled artisans, who make the tiles one-by-one. And it is this unique manufacturing process that makes fish scale tiles so special. Because they are made individually by-hand, every tile is different.

However, this unique characteristic is also their biggest downside. Because they are made by-hand, they have a significantly higher price tag than the mass produced tiles you’ll usually find on the market. But don’t worry if you’re on a bit of a tight budget. There is a solution.

Turquoise and white tiles.

As we’ve already mentioned, these tiles are really popular at the moment. As a result, many big name brands have taken to producing their own. While the result may not be exactly the same, it is pretty similar. This is a low-cost way to decorate your home with these beautiful tiles.

How to decorate your bathroom with fish scale tiles

There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating with fish scale tiles. The first thing you need to consider is the type of tiles you want to use. To help you decide, we’ll tell you about the two main types you’ll find on the market, according to two essential criteria:

  • Finish: fish scale tiles usually have a matte or satin finish. Which one you choose will almost entirely depend on your personal taste. Because of their glossy shine, satin finish tiles will have a greater impact, gaining more prominence in your bathroom. However, matte tiles are the perfect choice if you want to decorate in pastel colors, or create a warm, romantic atmosphere.
  • Color: fish scale tiles come in an infinite variety of colors, so finding the perfect one for your bathroom shouldn’t be a problem. Most of them combine two complementary colors, and the results are simply spectacular.

Once you’ve chosen your tiles, you’ll need to decide which surface you want to decorate. Because these are such bold, eye-catching tiles, we wouldn’t recommend using them to tile all four walls. For best results, it’s best to stick to just one area, such as the wall next to the bathtub, or above the sink. This is also a good way to draw attention to one specific area of your bathroom.

Fish scale tiles – not just for bathrooms

Neutral kitchen tiles.

Although we have mainly focused on using fish scale tiles in bathrooms, it’s important to mention that their usage isn’t just limited to this one room. The great variety of colors available means that these tiles can work in almost any room, giving it a fresh, original and stylish look.

If there is one other room where you should consider using fish scale tiles, it’s the kitchen. In this case, we recommend using matte, neutral tiles. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s best to avoid tiling large surfaces. The back wall is the ideal place for these statement tiles.

Alternatively, if you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen, you can actually use fish scale tiles to line the base. This is a great way to make your bar stand out against the rest of the kitchen, turning it into the focal point of your room.

These tiles offer an infinite array of possibilities. As you already know, in decoration, there are no limits. Decorating your home with these incredible tiles will give your room a breath of fresh air.

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