7 Inspirational DIY Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

These DIY bathroom ideas will allow you to make the very most of things you have lying around the house. By reusing objects, you can save money, and show off your creativity. These mini craft projects are perfect for anyone who's recently moved house, or is looking to give their bathroom a makeover.
7 Inspirational DIY Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Last update: 22 February, 2020

You might think that decorating your bathroom would mean spending huge amounts of money. But what if we told you that there were thousands of inspirational DIY bathroom ideas out there that would allow you to use materials you already have in the house while showing off your arts and crafts skills? Don’t believe us? Today, we’ll be showing you 7 of our favorites.

7 DIY bathroom ideas

If you want to give your bathroom a unique and original look and reuse old objects gathering dust at the back of your closet, take a look at these 7 fantastic DIY ideas.

1. Rope towel holder

DIY bathroom ideas: a rope towel holder.

Instead of installing a metal ring or rail for your hand towels, you can create your own out of rope. How? All you need to do is fix two metal brackets to the wall and attach the rope, making a knot at either end. And there you have it! Your very own DIY towel holder.

2. DIY bathroom ideas – basket shelves

Wicker baskets.

If your bathroom is a little on the small side, you can use wicker baskets to create some extra storage space for all your toiletries, makeup, and even cleaning products. Simply attach them to the wall, making sure they’re secure enough to support the weight.

3. Storage jars

Storage jars.

Do you have lots of brushes, hairpins, makeup, and accessories? Are they currently scattered all around the bathroom? If so, this is the idea for you. It’s very simple: all you need is a few glass jars or old food tins.

The first step is to decorate your containers. From spray paints to ribbons, there are all kinds of different ways you can go about it. Just make sure that the materials you use are moisture resistant.

You then have the option of arranging your jars along a counter or shelf or attaching them to your wall. Alternatively, you could fix the containers to a piece of wood, which will allow you to hang them anywhere in the room.

From now on, you can say goodbye to a messy bathroom. Everything will stay neatly organized so that you can find whatever you need, whenever you need it.

4. DIY bathroom ideas – toilet roll holder

DIY bathroom ideas: toilet roll holder.

While toilet roll holders might not be the most elegant or attractive objects in the world, no one could object to this simple, understated design.

If you’re looking to furnish your bathroom on a budget, creating your own DIY toilet roll holder is a great idea. The first thing you’ll need is a length of wood (a broom handle is a great option). You’ll need to cut this down to size, making it slightly longer than the length of the toilet roll. You’ll also need a smaller length of wood to act as a bracket or support. And finally, you’ll need some leather cord or string. This can be almost any thickness you like, so long as it’s easy to work with.

Make a hole through the center of the wood so that you have a hollow tube. Thread the cord or string through the tube and knot it to create a loop at both ends. You’ll need these to attach the cord to the bracket. Then, simply fix the bracket to the wall, and loop the ends of the cord over the top (as in the image above).

To change the toilet roll, all you need to do is unhook one end of the cord, and slide the roll onto the piece of wood. Loop the cord back over the bracket and you’re done!

5. Ladder towel rack

A metal towel rack.

One of the most popular DIY trends at the moment is to reuse old ladders to create handy household objects. If you have an old ladder you no longer use, don’t hesitate to repurpose it as a towel rack. Each rung can be used to hang one or two towels (depending on the size). If you want, you could also attach hooks to the top rung where you can then hang anything you like.

Don’t forget to paint the ladder to complement the rest of your bathroom. 

6. DIY bathroom ideas – fruit crate furniture

Fruit crate shelving.

Old fruit crates and wooden boxes can make the ideal bathroom shelves. Simply paint them, and stack them vertically, one on top of the other. You could then use one for storing spare towels, another for makeup, another for toiletries, and the bottom crate for cleaning products.

These will give you plenty of additional storage space. There may even be room on top for a small houseplant or some scented candles.

7. Candle holders

DIY bathroom ideas: seashell candle holders.

If you want to take a relaxing soak in the tub and have yourself some well-earned “me” time, why not have a go at making your own decorative candles? All you need is wax, wicks and… seashells! Yes, you read that right. Seashells can make the ideal candle holders and will give your bathroom a charming and original feel.

As you can see, there are so many different DIY bathroom ideas to choose from. It’s simply a question of letting your creative juices flow.