This Summer Try These 4 Trendy Ideas for Your Balcony

Balconies are the classic summer hangout spot where you can enjoy afternoons full of sun. Try out these trendy ideas and enjoy a dynamic, cozy and fun outdoor space.
This Summer Try These 4 Trendy Ideas for Your Balcony

Last update: 14 August, 2019

These trendy ideas for summer balconies are here to stay. Each season brings new decor discoveries. In summer, our focus shifts to balconies and decks.

It goes without saying that these areas should serve as a place to gather family and friends. Make them as cozy as possible and give them an intimate ambiance.

Wooden and natural fiber furniture, such as jute, are a hot material this season. You’ll also be seeing plenty of macrame and other knitted decor. Textiles with trendy colors or plants will add that summery touch.

Without further ado, we want to show you some trendy ideas for your balcony decor. Consider your style and your area. Below, check out our 4 trendy ideas this 2019 for balcony decor.

1. Macrame and natural boho chic materials

trendy ideas macrame

Macrame and natural materials bring a special decor style to mind: the boho-chic decor style, which is free-spirited decor.

This is a decor trend that lets you break the rules and use different kinds of objects together. Feel free to include something tribal, natural or even something a little kitsch.

The boho-chic style also uses hippie styles that don’t follow normal decor rules. It’s a harmonious mix that creates a bohemian setting for your balconyThat charming decor can work anywhere in your home, even your outdoor spaces.

Bohemian decor combines a hippie-air with tribal or worldly details. You can mix in any culture or style. And feel free to showcase and combine special materials, patterns or memories from your experiences.

Try using exquisite Turkish lamps, Persian rugs or Moroccan furniture. Anything goes in boho-chic balcony decor.

trendy ideas string lights

If you want to create a cozy, festive setting for your balcony, string lights are the perfect accessory for you. They’re also a great decor accessory for any occasion.

Lighting up your space will give a romantic yet lively atmosphere to your settingThe lighting will completely change the ambiance of your balcony.

But it all depends on the ambiance that you want to create; you can use string lights to create a cozy, romantic setting or one that’s more animated and jolly.

String lights are a great decor resource for your balcony this summer. They’re also very economic. By making a very small purchase, you can change your entire setting.

String lights are hands down a wonderful option for decorating for a dinner or party. Or, they can simply create more intimacy.

3. Using nature in your outdoor decor

trendy ideas nature

You can add some natural plants to add a nice pop of green to your balcony. Outdoor plants will give the area a happier, livelier ambiance. In addition, the color green transmits tranquility and harmony, which makes plants the perfect decor accessory.

With some plants, you can turn your balcony into an extension of who you are. Try using objects that use plant fibers to enhance the decor. Wicker, rattan, and jute are great examples that work well together.

And don’t forget summer flowers, which will be the true head-turner on your balcony. Leafy cascading plants with bursts of colors or beautiful plant-covered walls will make your balcony into a relaxing oasis.

You have plenty of outdoor plants and flowers to choose from. But choose with the orientation of your balcony in mind. You also need to consider the amount of attention and care you can provide your plants. For example, lavender, whose lovely aroma evokes summer, is low-maintenance.

4. Trendy ideas for your balcony this summer: wood

trendy ideas wood

Wood is a popular material for balconies because it enhances the natural decor that we strive to create for outdoor spaces.

Additionally, wood is always in style. Whether you use wood floors, ceilings or a wooden pergola, it’ll always be a beautiful addition to your balcony or deck decor.

And you’re not limited to using it just for your ceilings, floors or walls. Wood is very versatile and can work for many different objects. For example, you can use wood for furniture, which helps maintain the natural air in a setting.

You can also try wooden tables and chairs, which are classic pieces for exterior decor. In addition, wooden benches are another great option.

Wooden benches can also work with all kinds of textiles to provide comfortable seating. Try outdoor furniture cushions to tie your balcony decor together.

These trendy ideas will convert your outdoor space into a unique haven for the hottest time of the year. Turn your balcony into a gathering place for friends and family in addition to showing your personality. And remember that it should be a cozy, lively place as well.

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