Awesome Rocking Chairs for Your Deck

In our post today, we want to show you three amazing rocking chairs for your deck. One look and you'll understand that they're not just for grandmas and grandpas anymore.
Awesome Rocking Chairs for Your Deck

Last update: 23 September, 2019

Rocking chairs have a long history. They first appeared in the 17th century and were associated with wealthy families because of their expensive price tags. As a result, they had a stately presence in decor.

Though rocking chairs came in many different varieties, the ones featuring ornate designs were the most impressive. People who had rocking chairs didn’t just use them, but they showed them off as well. Thus, rocking chairs decorated different rooms (bedrooms, living rooms) as well as exterior spaces (porches, yards, terraces).

Over the years, rocking chairs have evolved considerably. Today, they come in all kinds of designs for any decor style and preference. And while they haven’t entirely lost their stately charm, today they’re pieces that aim for comfort.

Rocking chairs, not just for your grandma

rocking chairs modern

Rocking chairs are often passed down from generation to generation. Consequently, the image of Grandma knitting or simply rocking while looking at the horizon has become a typical family scene.

But despite the fact that people may initially link these chairs to the older generation, rocking chairs are great for all ages. They’re actually a piece of furniture designed for everyone and in our modern lives, we welcome a little comfort with open arms.

Modern rocking chairs

Modern rocking chairs almost entirely eliminate elaborately crafted details. Instead, their main aesthetic feature is their simple designs and ingenious structural aspects.

In addition to the smarter curves, the combination of various materials has seen advances as well. For example, today you might find a rocking chair with a structure that mixes metal and ratan, or plastic and steel.

We should also mention that people still use classic models such as simple wooden or ratan chairs for exterior decor, especially in southern vacation destinations.

As for the structure, rocking chairs don’t always include armrests. But models without them aren’t necessarily uncomfortable because their backrests are big enough to let you sink right in. Many have an elongated shape that allows you to prop your feet up as well.

3 rocking chair models for your deck

1. Ultrasimple

rocking chairs ultrasimple

The first rocking chair on our list is simple. It features lightweight wood, a wide backrest, armrests and an incline that allows you to rest your back. Thanks to its simplicity, it’s a perfect piece for both minimalist-style homes that contain more furniture.

But how does it work for both? Because this chair is consistent in its simple design yet is also comfortable without distracting from your other decor. You can also use accessories such as cushions, blankets, and rugs with this chair.

2. Big curves

Our next featured model is hard to miss and combines various materials together: wood, metal and some pieces of plastic as well. This chair has a narrower backrest than other rocking chair models, but it has armrests and a footrest in addition to a cushioned monochrome fabric seat.

rocking chairs curves

3. Armchair rocking chair

Rocking chairs that look like a different kind of chair, such as an armchair, are an original option. More importantly, they’re very comfortable thanks to their plush back and armrests.

This is definitely not your Grandma’s rocking chair. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. If you want to pair it with an accessory, try big textured pillows.

Modernity in rocking chairs

There are even some rocking chairs that break all the molds. They’re unique, fun pieces that don’t need any additional accessories for a pop of color. They’ll also be a great option for decks because they can decorate any space and invite guests to take a seat.

But just as with other furniture pieces, make sure that it’s comfortable. As long as you find a rocking chair that’s great to sit in as well being of quality design, you won’t have any problems fitting it into your setting.

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