5 Original Ways to Decorate with an Old Television Set

If you still have an old, useless television set at home, learn how you can use it for something else. You'll love these ideas!
5 Original Ways to Decorate with an Old Television Set

Last update: 26 February, 2019

It might not be the most common decor item but decorating an old television set is an idea you’ll want to consider. We want to explain just how to do it in our post today.

As we’ve touched upon in other posts, a TV has an important visual impact on rooms. The right placement can make a big difference.

You should also carefully choose the pictures or posters that will be nearby for balanced decor.

Another idea is decorating your home by using your TV as an ornamental element. Modern sets already offer nice decor as they look elegant and stylish. But they still serve their original purpose, making them more practical than ornamental.

So, an old television set works perfectly for this idea. Nobody uses them anymore, but these vintage pieces are still hanging around many homes. We’d like to take things a step further: instead of leaving the TV on a table or shelf, let’s tinker a little to give it another role besides vintage decor. In our post today, we have five ideas for you.

1. Make a flower pot

This second life for your television set is original and will have all of your guests turning their heads. Completely empty out the inside of your television set and fill it with soil, at least 2/3 full, allowing the plant to peep out of the top.

You can also apply the same idea to your old computers. You’ll enjoy a similar result. If you have several television sets or computers at home, try placing them in your garden or on your deck. You can also paint each one a different color for a lively, dynamic effect.

Another idea is leaving the inside completely empty and filling it up with little plants, like cacti or bonsai.

2. Create a set of shelves

For a shelving unit, empty out the insides (this step is actually essential for all of our ideas) to create a perfect storage unit.

Depending on how big your set is, fit in a shelf to create two levels. If you have a smaller set, just fit in your objects– books, figurines, boxes, etc.– in an organized manner.

If you’re going to use it in a bedroom, you can use it for shoes or bags. But remember to keep it organized because everything will be completely exposed.

television set 1

3. Make a bar cabinet

This idea is actually a spin-off of the previous one. Just place glasses and different bottles of liquor on the inside in an organized manner.

For this idea, you’ll have to leave the top part open to fit in more bottles, napkins or a container to hold straws.

If you have to give it a modern touch, try installing small spotlights or neon lights  inside like bars do.

4. Turn a television set into a mirror

This might be the simplest idea for reusing your old television set because you just need to change the glass screen for a mirror. The mirror doesn’t have to be expensive, so this DIY project is very affordable.

The only problem, however, is finding a mirror in the right dimensions. But you can always custom-order one or resize one you have at home.

Analyze the size of your television set to determine the best area to place your new mirror. Make sure that it’s at a good height and comfortable to use.

5. Use it as a fish tank

We’ve made it to our last idea. As you’ve might have noticed, the most important part of reusing a television set is finding one with the right dimensions. You can browse the internet or antique stores.

This idea can really give you something interesting to look at and will definitely catch the eye. If you want, try painting the outside with marine motifs.

television set 2

If you love DIY, these ideas for reusing your old television sets are perfect. And we’ve only mentioned a few options. With a little imagination, you can give an old TV new uses while creating awesome decor.

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