How to Decorate a Pool and Backyard Area

Want to update your backyard and pool? If you're not sure how, or don't have anything to decorate the space with, read on for some advice on how to make the space look amazing.
How to Decorate a Pool and Backyard Area

Last update: 11 January, 2019

It’s not always very easy to decorate a pool and backyard area. There are lots more factors to consider in what you’re going to put into an outdoor space. 

The first thing to keep in mind is climate. Wind, rain, and heat can all wear down the things you put outside. So, you need pick out new ones carefully or just be sure to maintain the ones you already have.

There are all kinds of objects you can use in an outdoor area. Analyze your space and decide what style you want to use decorate your pool and backyard to make them look amazing. During the summer, they’re the perfect spots to have fun in the sun and water, eat with friends or family, and just rest.

How to decorate your pool and backyard

Wood and outdoor plants

Being outside and around nature relaxes the mind. Luckily, you already have water in your pool and grass by your feet.

If you need more green things or have a small garden, you can also put a few plants around the edge of the pool. You could even put a wooden deck around it to give the area a more natural feel.

An outdoor living room

You always need room for activities like family lunches. We absolutely love the idea of having an outdoor living room. It will make the space seem much bigger, and will probably become your favorite part of the house.

Light, comfortable furniture

You can add some backyard furniture like wooden or wicker benches with nice, colorful cushions and a short or medium-height table. You can either use the space to have a drink with friends or read a book by yourself. It will be just like a normal living room, but outside. 

You could also add some chairs for relaxing. Dark wooden chairs with thin white cushions are the current trend. They look amazing and will allow you to get the most out of the space in the summer. Cover them when it’s rainy and make sure you take care of the wood.

backyard pool

Backyard dining room

If you have a big backyard, you can add a tall table, several chairs, and a big umbrella for really sunny days. Doing that will also mean having an outdoor dining space to eat lunch, or even dinner if you light it properly.

Always remember to choose furniture made of materials that can handle your climate. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure to take very good care of them or cover them on rainy days.

Shade is key

It’s common knowledge that spending lots of time in the sun is dangerous. But i t’s not always enough to use sunscreen, your skin also needs shade to get a break from direct sunlight.

So, you absolutely must have shady spaces in your backyard. You can put an umbrella or awning wherever you like, and that way you’ll have some protection during the hottest parts of the day.

Light your backyard and pool

Outdoor lighting is essential. Luckily, there are lots of artificial light sources you can use to create a lovely nighttime environment.

Lanterns and candle-holders around the pool are a great touch. Even torches have become a trend lately, and they can help you brighten up the area more if you’re having an important event.

backyard lighting

Or, if you want a more romantic vibe, you can put some floating candles in your pool, or put candles in big glass jars and place them around the yard. These are perfect for big events, too.

Get the most of your outdoor areas. Whether you have lots of space or very little, having a pool and backyard to decorate in the first place is a luxury. So, enjoy it!

Have events with family and friends, celebrate birthdays, spend some time alone or with your loved ones…When the weather is nice, it’s hard not to want to do everything outside: lunch, dinner, reading, resting, chatting, sunbathing, playing in the water, and just having a great time.

The ideas we’ve given you today are a basic part of transforming your pool and backyard area into the space you’ve always dreamt of, with little corners for all your activities!

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