Here Are 5 Great Ways to Decorate a Pool

Pools and the space around them give you lots of options for decorating. Here are just a few ideas.
Here Are 5 Great Ways to Decorate a Pool

Last update: 24 January, 2019

Want to decorate your pool? Well, there are lots and lots of possibilities, so you need to start by thinking about how much space you have and not overload it. You also need to try to maintain a unified style so that the decorations don’t clash.

We’ve said it a million times: during the summer, gardens, porches, patios, and pools are the stars of our homes. So, you should try to decorate these outdoor areas as best as you can and make them pleasant spaces to be in.

As you’ll see below, there are lots of ways to decorate a pool and the area around it. You can even combine some of the options–the main thing here is to have good taste.

5 ways to decorate a pool

Light sources

These are great to have as it gets dark outside. You can use them to create a calm, chill, and relaxed environment. You could even get dimmable lights so that you can adjust them to your mood. But as always, you need to keep your decor scheme in mind. That will determine whether you pick out one thing or another.

You could put candles around the edges of the pool, install lights in the pool, or have floating lights, neon lights, or string lights for the area around it. If you install lights in the pool you have to make sure to put them in places where they won’t blind people inside the house. 

Outdoor furniture

Natural fibers are great for this. You can find lots of different outdoor furniture at places like IKEA and local home improvement stores.

Put cushions or fluffy materials under them to make them more comfortable. If you get deck chairs or hammocks, put them closer to the pool’s edge. You could even put in a rocking chair, some puff chairs, or a Bali bed.

You should also add some short tables for your drinks and food. Some stores sell entire sets of these things, with accessories and all.

Pool stickers

You’ll sometimes seem them on the walls of a pool, but people usually use stickers to decorate the bottom. This is an amazing way to personalize yours. Some of the most common images are dolphins, anchors, tortoises, palm trees…basically, things related to summer or the beach.

This might seem much harder than putting up a big sticker in your house, but pool stickers are easy too. They’re also very tough, and can even withstand the chemicals you have to use to keep the pool clean.

Decorative plants

These are a great form of decoration, and they’re good for your health! If your pool is against a wall, you could build a vertical garden over it. Of course, it would need to be tall enough or far enough away that it never comes into contact with the chlorinated water, which would kill the plants. Another option here is to grow a climbing plant.

You could also just put plants around the pool in nice, stylish flowerpots.

Though it’s not very common, one last option would be to build a pool with two different levels. The higher level would need to be extremely shallow because you’d be using it for aquatic plants. The lower part is where you’d actually swim. But this can only work if you’re not going to use any chemicals in your pool (which is possible).

Pool tiles

Tiles can be both elegant and striking as a decor option. Plus, you can put them on the entire pool floor and along the walls.

pool tiles

You can make your own, personal design by combining different types and patterns. For example, you could make a decorative border right above the waterline.

While it’s true that the tiles are normally on the pool’s floor and walls, more and more people are starting to put them on the edges of the pool itself. Some people even use colors other than the typical blue ones you’re probably thinking of.

The best way to decorate a pool

As we said, there are lots of options. The good thing is that you can combine them all in your own way and achieve a perfect final result.

You can get a lot of the accessories onlinethough you do need to keep your budget in mind. You’ll see–all it takes are a few nice additions to create the perfect space for relaxing and sunbathing during the hottest part of the year.