Google Offices - Their Designs Around the World

Today we'd like to tell you what Google offices look like. The unique decor around their offices and their furniture as well as the cool distribution of elements within a work environment.
Google Offices - Their Designs Around the World

Last update: 06 October, 2019

Google offices stand out for their creativity, ingenuity and original workspaces. We’d like to tell you about this. This leader in the online market has a progressive corporate philosophy that’s quite different from most.

They have a strong company culture that promotes open communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. They also enjoy food and the philosophy of having fun. All the offices have a similar language which connects them.

Even though Google offices around the world are different in many ways, they all have the same style. The brand name and color are a huge part of their decor. We’re going to tell you about the kind of environment Google employees work in. Continue reading to find out more!

The wonderful Google offices

We’re about to tell you more about the main elements that stand out in the interiors of these incredible offices. They vary a little depending on the country, but the essence remains the same.

Of course, the main presence in all of their offices is the word “Google” in huge letters. Not just printed on the walls but as part of the architecture. For example, they make arches with some of the letters. For example, the “o” and the “g” connect the areas within the offices. This shows the importance they give to human-centered architecture.

The colors Google uses the most in their offices are primary: yellow, blue, red, and green. These clearly reflect the various elements in the rooms. For example, they have tables, chairs, and sofas in all these colors. Thus, the eye picks up one color and easily moves around the office resting on all the elements that tie it together.

Lounging areas

A corporate game room.

Google offices all have comfortable lounging areas because they know their staff are their most valuable asset. They want to make their offices totally unique and offer the best possible functional requirements. The company has a strong culture. They maintain that rest and creativity are essential to working effectively.

These colorful and comfy spaces go beyond a common lounging area. Evolution Design, who create these areas for the company, used semi-open domes with technological designs. In these spaces, employees can rest and create at their own leisure.

Integrated spaces

As we said above, workspaces and resting places go hand in hand in these offices. Most of the areas are open and spacious, with few walls and divisions. This promotes everyone’s integration throughout their various job activities.

Imagine a place with work desks integrated into comfortable lounging rooms with games and tables. Some offices even have large swings, ping-pong, and pool tables. What a great way to promote a relaxed workspace.

That’s not all, some Google offices also have coffee shops, laundromats, swimming pools, childcare centers, and many other services. All designed to facilitate the personal errands of employees. As you can see, they think of everything. However, their main objectives are the comfort and well-being of their employees.

Technology meets nature at the Google offices

An office at Googleplex.

Technology is definitely what Google is known for and their offices reflect this. Most walls and ceilings have a high tech, unconventional style.

They use structures with technological figures and textures that all follow the same concept. The furniture also follows this style, which is highly ergonomic and minimalistic.

Another element that grabs your eye in these unique spaces is the inclusion of nature. Their offices have natural features. There are potted plants everywhere together with fresh or synthetic grass. Some of their structures even simulate tree trunks. Also, some offices have outdoor terraces where employees can work on warm days.

Last but not least, the company places a high value on employee interaction. The open, integrated spaces are specifically designed for socializing. Divisions and individual work are a no-no.

The importance Google gives to the distribution of space directly influences people’s behavior. As you can imagine, employees feel comfortable in a large illuminated space with beautiful, comfortable furniture.

Google offices reflect a corporate philosophy that’s rather different from most. They have a very different way of working and give great importance to good design and to the welfare of employees.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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