5 Reasons to Have an Immersion Pool

Immersion pools are equally aesthetic and practical. If you don't know what their benefits are, we'll talk about them in this article.
5 Reasons to Have an Immersion Pool

Last update: 17 June, 2020

Up until a few years ago, immersion pools were hardly known. But today we can find them in many hotels, apartments and private homes. It shouldn’t be a surprise, as there are many reasons why it’s worth having an immersion pool at home.

If you’re still not convinced or don’t know about the benefits of immersion pools we’ll give you all the details in this article.

What is an immersion pool?

An outdoor immersion pool with a green foliage around it
Immersion pool / pinterest.es

The first question most people have is about the difference between a conventional swimming pool and an immersion pool. The main difference is the size. Immersion pools are much smaller. Sometimes these pools are only 16 square feet (1.5 m²).

Another difference is depth. Despite being small, they are deep. This means when you get in you’re completely submerged.

Now that it’s a bit clearer what an immersion pool is, let’s discuss the main reasons why it’s worth having one. You’ll be amazed by all the things that such a small pool has to offer. And you can’t imagine all the benefits it has.

Reasons to install an immersion pool

We could spend hours and hours talking about why installing an immersion pool is a good idea. We’ll list the most important ones in the following paragraphs.

1. They can fit in any backyard

A backyard immersion pool with a waterfall decoration
Immersion pool / easyimagedit.com

The size of the backyard can be a problem when installing a swimming pool. However, as we’ve previously said, immersion pools occupy a very small space, so this problem doesn’t exist.

You won’t have to measure the backyard or sacrifice other spaces to make room for the pool. Immersion pools can fit in any corner, even inside a porch.

2. You can install them indoors

An indoor immersion pool with railing
Indoor pool / interempresas.net

You don’t have a backyard? No problem. You can also install immersion pools inside the house. If you choose this option, you can enjoy your pool every day of the year. On top of that, it will also fulfill a decorative role.

The only thing you’ll have to take into account is that damp problems can appear. That’s why you should use materials compatible with the pool you’re going to install.

3. The perfect complement to a sauna

A sauna filled with steam

If you have a sauna and use it regularly, you’re probably also interested in an immersion pool. Portable pools are a popular option. They’re a kind of wooden tank with a ladder to make getting in and out of the pool easier.

The combination of a sauna and immersion pool has many benefits and is highly recommended. People from Nordic countries commonly use these together.

If you like the Nordic decoration and lifestyle, you can decorate your house this way while benefiting from its features.

4. They help to relieve joint pain

A person with elbow joint pain

Joint problems are common, especially as we approach old age. A natural way to alleviate this problem is to use an immersion pool. When we float, our body has to exert very little effort. Joints relax and pain decreases.

Besides that, temperature changes are very beneficial – although it may seem too cold at first, you’ll later realize that it’s worth it. Temperature changes are also highly recommended for people with circulation problems.

5. An immersion pool can help accelerate muscle recovery

An x-ray image of the leg muscles and joints

If you do sports regularly, an immersion pool can be the perfect complement. After training, you feel tired and your muscles have to recover.  Rest periods are just as important as the training itself.

That’s why it’s worth investing all the time you need for this phase. Soaking in an immersion pool for a few minutes can help to accelerate muscle recovery. Our body relaxes after the effort it has made.

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