Design Furniture for Your Pet that Will Make You Fall in Love

The offer to find the right furniture for your pet is ever-increasing. Today, accessories combine design and functionality. Learn more!
Design Furniture for Your Pet that Will Make You Fall in Love
Renato Alonso Ampuero Rodríguez

Written and verified by architect Renato Alonso Ampuero Rodríguez.

Last update: 17 August, 2023

The ideal furniture for your pet is not only practical, but it’ll also make you fall in love with the care taken in its design. The combination between the world of design and that of pets is the perfect balance for those who are passionate about interior design and animals.

With the perfect furniture, you’ll be able to share your life and your home with your pet, personalizing your life with designer furniture that takes care of even the smallest detail. With the right furniture, you won’t only take care of the little one in the house, you’ll also add a touch of style to your home.

Design furniture for your pet is characterized by the use of high-quality materials, often inspired by traditional dog houses but also by betting on new designs. In addition, the trend in designer furniture for our pets is clean and refined lines, while also prioritizing sustainable and ecological production.

With simple and classic lines, designs of the highest level are achieved that are combined with noble materials, such as polished wood. This combination results in versatile pieces that will adapt to any current decorative style, from boho chic to a more classic style.

Next, we’ll show you a selection of furniture for your pet that you’ll can’t help but fall in love with.

The Ikea line for pets

A can sleeping in a soft gray cube.

The line of furniture proposed by the firm with headquarters in Sweden stands out for its functional simplicity without abandoning the originality that’s characteristic of its furniture. We can find a wide variety of cushions, beds, and accessories for our pets, with an aesthetic that will add to the decoration of your home.

In addition to the furniture, you’ll be able to find many more functional objects, such as feeding bowls for dogs.

Furniture for your pet: Moby pet sofa

A god lying on a Moby sofa.

This impressive sofa stands out not only for its clean-lined design but also for the colors chosen for the upholstery. It can be found in two colors: Mustard and vintage pink in a velvet finish.

The Moby sofa is a piece of furniture for pets that stands out for its style. Its Nordic and cheerful design is exceptionally combined with comfort for your pet. Its padded seat and angled wooden legs will add style to your home decor.

This small piece of furniture is perfect for medium-sized pets, like a Beagle, for example. The Moby sofa for pets is a piece of decoration that will provide all the comfort your furry friend deserves.

“Our pets have their own personalities, but they have five things in common: They love to sleep, eat, play, exercise, and be around us.”

– Inma Bermúdez, designer-

Furniture for your pet: The Kyali square cat bed

A gray cat standing on a share wooden bed.

The Kyali bed focuses on getting the most out of its modern and minimalist look, not only aesthetically but also functionally. With this design, not only will your cat love it, you’ll also enjoy choosing the right place to put it in your home.

The Kyali square bed uses high-quality materials, highlighting its walnut frame that’s complemented by navy blue cushions, giving it a classic look. Also made with functionality in mind, its covers are washable, so it’s easy to clean.

With reduced measurements, this square bed is a perfect cube with a side of 16 inches that will fit in any corner of your home.

Talo outdoor pet house

A dog in a Talo outdoor bed.

The Talo outdoor house is the ideal piece of furniture for your pet to enjoy the freedom it can find in your yard or patio. Not only does it add a touch of style to your outdoor space, but it also keeps your pet sheltered from the outside weather.

Its comfortable interior cushion stands out, which is washable for proper hygiene, complementing the design with the use of light wood and coated metal.

Furniture for your pet: The Piet sofa

Furniture for your pet: Sofas for dogs.

The Piet sofa is a piece of furniture inspired by classic design, designed for stylish owners who share this taste with their pets. With pure lines, it has a metallic chrome structure and comfortable gray cushions,

If your pet is of medium size, this piece of furniture will be perfect for it to enjoy; They’ll like it so much that they won’t want to move from this sofa. Thanks to its pure lines and tones, the Piet sofa will integrate perfectly with the decoration you’ve chosen for your home.

All of these furniture options for your pet will make you fall in love, thanks to their design and functionality, factors that are so necessary in this type of furniture.

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