Decorate Your Living Room with a Green Couch

Today, we want to show you different ways to decorate your living room with a green couch. Don't miss out because you'll love them.
Decorate Your Living Room with a Green Couch

Last update: 09 September, 2019

Why not a green couch? Green couches have very little presence in the world of decor. Though green is a happy, bright color, many people have second thoughts about using a green couch and whether or not they can create a balanced room decor with it. We have three different living room decor ideas that use a green couch to prove that you can. As you’ll see below, they’re actually original living room settings that transmit positive energy.

First and foremost, you have to think about the kind of green you want for your couch. Once you’ve found the right tone, you have to decide whether you want the couch to be a visual focal point or a background decor element. Our three living room ideas will inspire you to pull together a perfect living room decor.

1. Lime green couch, star decor element

Our first green living room couch uses a gray, white and brown palette. They’re all cool, unsaturated colors that create a setting to star both the couch and armchair.

The couch and the rest of the decor must be different so that at first, you might think they have nothing to do with each other. But they’re stylishly united by a decor that uses yellow, blue and brown tones that match a rug or decorative plant perfectly together with the couch and setting.

By using this simple decor trick, your couch will stand out from its settings while still matching the overall room decor.

We also want to bring your attention to another important decor aspect, the couch and armchair set. Despite having different shapes, both should be upholstered with the same fabric. Thus, they match perfectly together in the room even without sharing a similar shape.

2. A natural approach

green couch natural

Our next green couch idea for living rooms is completely different from the first. This decor looks for the opposite kind of decor, completely turning to green tones for the entire setting while only using brown for details.

The end result is a green couch that forms part of its settings. As you can see in the image above, it doesn’t have to create a loud or tacky decor. If you use surrounding elements in green as well, you can create a natural, cozy and pleasant ambiance.

Another interesting aspect is the couch accessories. In the image, we see different patterns, colors, and textures that work wonderfully together.

3. Olive green couch that contrasts with white

green couch olive green

There’s no question about the life that the armchair and couch set create for this living room. A boring, neutral decor can transform into the complete opposite with a pop of color. In this example, green fills the room with joy and color.

Similar characteristics connect the couch and armchair set with the rest of the furniture. It all features straight lines and simple shapes. In addition, the plants placed at different heights enhance the green and are spread out throughout the room.

On another note, the room features other decor accessories in different colors to break a bi-color pattern. Some examples include the file carpets in the shelves and coffee table.

Have these three examples changed your mind about using a green couch in your living room? As you saw with us today, fitting them into your decor isn’t as hard as it seems and they create original living room settings that are full of color.