Contrast in Your Home to Make it Interesting

Like harmony, space also needs contrast so that it's not monotonous and boring. We'll help with the colors and textures to achieve it.
Contrast in Your Home to Make it Interesting

Last update: 27 April, 2019

Along with harmony, contrast is another principle of design. These two ideas focus on creating things that are pleasing to the eye and brain. Therefore, it’s important to know how to use them in design so you can create beautiful and comfortable environments.

Contrast is when there are elements that are different from each other. It creates interest in the design. As strange as it sounds, through contrast, you also create unity, which is another design principle. By drawing attention to different elements, you unify the rest of the similar elements.

Sometimes when we’re faced with a monotonous design, our eyes can’t fix on anything in particular. However, if you look at a scenario with differences, your eye travels to the differences that stand out among all the uniformity.

Therefore, when working with any decorative style, you should try to include contrast so your scheme doesn’t become boring and monotonous.

Being aware of how useful this is in decoration can help you take advantage of certain features. You can make them stand out and disguise the ones that you don’t want to be noticed as much.

To create contrast, you can use different tones of the same color or combine different textures and designs.

Next, we’ll give you some tips for achieving contrast in your home decoration.

Colors to generate contrast

The most effective way to create variety is through color. You can play with different shades and intensities to get attention.

To generate variation, you have to mix warm colors (red, orange, yellow) with cold colors (blue, green). If you place cold colors next to warmer colors, the warm one comes across even more brilliantly.

On the other hand, if a cold color combines with a warm, it looks even colder. With this, you can achieve an energetic and striking effect.

One of the best ways to create contrast is through colors.

Combining different color tones help create disparity.

Colors can be used in many different ways to create distinctions in your home. This decorative solution allows you to bring your personality into the different rooms of your home.

Include decorative elements

Introducing certain decorative elements will allow your gaze to focus on specific points and in turn, add to the whole scheme of the room. You can create differences through certain materials, colors, and shapes that highlight the whole decoration.

One trick is to use light-colored wooden furniture and straight lines, either with oil or untreated finishes. This helps to create a surprising effect in the different rooms in your house.

However, if you already have objects of a certain color and don’t want to change them, try to find the opposite colors on the chromatic circle. Also, white furniture can help soften the environment. In addition, it’s easier to add color to them to make them pop.

Contrasting objects are perfect accessories for the home. In addition to providing variety, they also give personality to the decoration and avoid making your rooms look like you copied them from magazines.

Contrast on your furniture can create interest in decoration.


Warmth and natural, rustic materials can also contribute to creating differences in colder environments that primarily feature neutral colors.

You can use upholstery or curtains to introduce variety. Also, you can place cushions or blankets that have a discreet pattern. This creates a visual effect that adds depth to the environment.

You can also add warmth to the decor by playing with the placement of light and natural elements such as plants. This will help highlight certain elements of your house.


Through the use of different textures or materials, you can also create variety and give a distinctive touch to your space.

Nowadays, it’s normal to combine different textures, for example, wood and tiles.

This way you create differences in your space that avoids the monotony that can come from using the same materials or textures.

Using wood and tiles can help create contrast.

There are many ways to create contrast in your decor. However, everything depends on your personal tastes. The variety will make your house 100% yours, not a magazine style without any personality.

Your house should be a place that you don’t want to leave in the colder months and a nice place to come home to during the hotter months.

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