4 Recommendations for Making Your Living Room More Comfortable

Today we have four tips for making your living room cozier.
4 Recommendations for Making Your Living Room More Comfortable

Last update: 13 October, 2018

Maybe you’ve been thinking about redecorating your living room to make it more comfortable. Sometimes, you get that feeling that a part of your house just needs a makeover.

We all want to create cozier living spaces. That’s why they say we want a “home,” not just a house out of a magazine. Those beautiful pictures can sometimes be cold and uninviting.

To make a house a “home,” there are a few things you need. For example, it should be warm, functional, and as we mentioned, comfortable.

This article will go through 4 simple and useful recommendations for making your living room more comfortable. This way, you can enjoy your space 100% of the time.

The living room…

So much of our lives are lived in this space! This is where we interact with family and friends and have our most intimate gatherings.

We all remember moments from the living rooms of our parents’ or grandparents’ homes. We probably also recall whether or not those living rooms were comfortable. If not, it may have been because the sofa clashed with the other furniture, or because everything was crowded together.

The truth is, the living room is the most important part of the house for our social lives. That’s why we need to work to make the most of it – using the space both effectively and functionally.

Because of how important the living room is, we’ve gathered 4 tips for making your living room a 10/10.

1. Layout

The key for making any room comfortable and functional is the furniture layout.

To make the living room the best it can be, you have to respect the shape of the room and make the most of every inch of space. That means figuring out what layout is best for this type of room.

There are rectangular, square, circular, or irregular living rooms. Each has a certain kind of layout that fits it best. This article is about deciding how best to distribute the furniture in your living room.

Our advice, regardless of the shape of your room, is to always create wide, open spaces without clustering all of your furniture in one corner.

Loft design

2. Be careful with empty space

Related to layout is the distribution of empty space. No one likes walking into a living room and running into furniture or slamming a kneecap into the corner of the coffee table.

That’s why it’s important to do the following when designing a comfortable living room:

  • Distance for walking: leave between 80 and 100 centimeters in front of any cabinets or drawers.
  • Distance between furnitureleave 40 centimeters of separation between the coffee table and the sofa so that you can comfortable move your lefts. Leave 15 centimeters between the sofa and any side tables.

In addition, it’s important to choose furniture that proportionate to the size of the space they’re occupying in the room.

If your space is small and you choose large pieces of furniture, the living room will feel smaller, and there won’t be enough room to walk around.

Picking furniture that’s too big will make the space seem claustrophobic, impractical, and potentially even unsafe.

Distance between furniture

3. Quality is key

In order to have a comfortable living room, it’s essential to choose good pieces of furniture.

For example, a sofa of a quality fabric and stuffing will be much more comfortable than one made of fragile material and sparse stuffing.

That’s why it’s essential to test out furniture pieces like sofas or armchairs before buying.

Quality fabric

4. Think ahead

Comfortable living rooms are uniquely versatile and functional. Even a small living room can make enough space to fit all of your guests.

There’s nothing worse than visitors arriving and having nowhere to sit. To avoid this scenario, pick multi-functional furniture pieces.

For example, find ottomans that double as storage and seating, folding chairs, extendable tables, pull-out sofas, etc.

living room more comfortable


These practical and easy tips will bring your comfy, cozy living room to life, providing a space where you and your loved ones can live life’s most important moments.

As a final piece of advice, it’s important to keep in mind the kind of family you have (lots of kids, more elderly relatives, etc) when designing a space to entertain.

Your life style and frequent activities should also shape the design of your living room.

Keeping all of these factors in mind will help you design the perfect living room that’s not only comfortable, but also functional and adaptable to all the needs of your family.

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