Create a Scandinavian Living Room

Here is a Scandinavian living room designed specially for you. A white couch, some decor pillows, an armchair and plenty of wood and warm light. How does that say?
Create a Scandinavian Living Room

Last update: 16 May, 2019

Nordic decor is one of the coziest styles around and in recent years, it’s found its way into almost every home. The feeling of peace that it transmits through with its outlines and neutral colors is undeniable. You can use it to decorate a Scandinavian style living room.

Orderliness, light, and simplicity are keys for understanding this decor. If you’re a fan, join us today as we explain how to create a Scandinavian living room for your home with clear examples and pieces that you can look for. Give in to serenity.

Basics for a Nordic decor

Scandinavian living room basics

Nordic or Scandinavian decor started at the beginning of the 20th century in Northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

The characteristics of this decor respond directly to the climate of the region. For example, as very cold countries that receive little natural light, the style aims to create cozy spaces in which to spend the larger part of the day. They prioritize light and warmth, creating clean and clear spaces.

Over the years, the decor style as grown and included flowers or industrial elements, vintage pieces, etc.

Simple steps to a Scandinavian living room

First, order

Scandinavian living room order

For a Scandinavian living room, you first need to recognize visual cleanliness as an indisputable factor. Forget about crammed decor and useless items. Instead, aim for spaciousness.

Long live white

Scandinavian chair

Considering the lack of natural light that the Nordic region receives, it’s no surprise that the decor aims to create well-lit spaces. Neutral colored walls and furniture can be a big help. You can add other colors as well with accessories, such as decorative pillows or natural wood furniture.


scandinavian lighting

You can create a Nordic feel while lighting with industrial style metal ceiling light fixtures. Or, try more natural options like wicker or bamboo; choose the style that you want to see in your Scandinavian living room.

Create a cozier feel by adding a few touches of ambiance lighting with decorative lanterns. You can also use standing lamps with a simple, linear design. Flex lamps work well next to a couch for additional lighting and further developing your room’s decor.

Nordic rugs

scandinavian rugs

As we mentioned earlier, the cold climate results in warmer, more comfortable spaces. Thus, wood floors and rugs are must-haves for nailing the look and for keeping warm.

Nordic rugs normally aren’t very colorful and have simple, geometrical designs that are repetitive.

Wood, wood, wood

scandinavian wood

Nothing can create warmth like wood. For a Scandinavian living room, you’re going to need pine, oak, maple or any other light-colored wood furniture.

In its most natural and organic form, or used with white, wood can be the best homage to those colder European countries with this iconic style. You can read all about wood here.

The practicality of a Scandinavian living room

scandinavian practicality

Scandinavian aesthetics are simple because they’re linked to practicality: practical and versatile furniture that helps you maximize on space.

Designs tend to use straight lines. If they feature curved lines, they’re gentle and delicate, always conforming to simplicity.

A nod to geometry

scandinavian geometry

In both textiles and pictures that hang on the walls, there’s a clear appreciation for geometric patterns. Lines, diamonds, circles… all kinds of compositions use different colors and sizes together.

Typographic details are also common in this decor; so don’t think twice about hanging a picture with a geometric design, some letters or messages as long as it has a simple color scheme.

So, we’ve given you the keys and showed you the furniture and decor accessories. Now, it’s your turn; create a Scandinavian living room that’s worthy of a magazine cover.

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