Kitchens With a Metallic Finish: The Latest Trend!

Kitchens with a metallic finish are a trend. Discover the keys to make them warmer, less industrial, and more domestic.
Kitchens With a Metallic Finish: The Latest Trend!

Last update: 23 June, 2021

If you’ve taken a tour of social networks, surely you’ve seen how kitchens with a metallic finish are the latest trend in interior decoration. In fact, they promise to take center stage.

They look like modern laboratories, aseptic, impeccable and with a certain industrial air. Do you want to know how you can have a kitchen like this in your home?

Passion for kitchens with a metallic finish

Stainless steel kitchens have long been a restaurant favorite. The reason is that they give the feeling of hygiene, they’re robust and are very easy to clean. However, this year they’re rapidly moving into domestic spaces, where it’s time to give more warmth to an industrial style.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that doesn’t require too much maintenance, this very practical trend is going to enchant you. However, one of the points to keep in mind is that the surfaces are easily marked, particularly with handprints. 

How to combine kitchens with a metallic finish

If a complete stainless steel kitchen seems too much, you should know that there are certain materials that, when combined, can give rise to modern and highly functional kitchens.

Wood and metal

Wood adds warmth to stainless steel; precisely, the feeling you’re looking for when bringing this type of finish to your home. Either on the countertop, accessories, or additional furniture, wood is a great option for reducing that industrial air from your space.

On the other hand, you can also place some wooden shelves with aromatic herbs and complete the look with light curtains. All this added to well-thought-out lighting will give you that desired, homely atmosphere. Use warm light bulbs and add multiple points of light with general spotlights and lamps that offer a beam.

For the most modern: kitchens with a metallic and black finish

If you enjoy the most modern finishes, hi-tech houses and the most elegant details, this is the option that your kitchen needs. The black color is simply to die for, with metallic finishes giving it strength and making it stand out.

This material has a color similar to gray, which is next to black on the color wheel; hence they get along so well. Either with gloss details or a matte finish, you’ll be able to enhance the shine of the steel.

An option for the most classic

If you don’t want a cold finish, the perfect solution may be the following. Steel has the virtue of combining very well with most materials, so it’s possible to give your kitchen the decorative style you want, depending on the combination you make.

You can get a look as chic and stylish if you combine it with marble. It’ll be enough to place a hob and, perhaps, the front of the cooking zone to achieve a very sophisticated space.

A detail for the less daring

Surely you’re much clearer about the incredible resistance benefits that stainless steel has. It’s one of the longest-lasting materials. You can also opt for a sink that’s either flush or under the countertop.

There are polished or nuance finishes for sinks and those that form a continuous surface with the work area are super modern!

Kitchens with a metallic finish are a trend and the style you want to give it depends on you. The advantage of this clean and neutral material is that it works well with other finishes and colors. Thus, it’s also versatile and flexible.

To give it a more impressive touch, try using colorful flooring. You’ll see that the result will surprise you.

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