6 Unique Ways to Store Spices in Your Kitchen

Storing your spices in a unique way can help you keep everything neat and tidy. It also makes them last longer and you can find the one you need in a matter of seconds. It's ideal for when you're cooking!
6 Unique Ways to Store Spices in Your Kitchen

Last update: 29 June, 2019

Laid out on the counter, in jars, on the wall, or even inside pots themselves – there are many ways to store spices in your kitchen. You want them to be within reach when you need them and also to look great. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas about how you can store spices and seasonings in your kitchen.

To store spices, organization is everything

One way to store spices is in glass jars.

No matter the size of your kitchen, you should keep everything in order. That way, when you’re making dinner, you know where everything is.

Spices are essential to give your meals that special flavor. On the other hand, the downside is that you need countless small bottles and jars to store them. This can get overwhelming, especially in small kitchens.

Some people choose a spice rack to store spices, but it doesn’t always fit all the spices you need. Then you end up having extras and leaving them all over the place.

It’s important, regardless of how you decide to store your spices, that each one has a clear label with its name on it. You should also keep in mind the phrase, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” When you finish using a spice, put it back where it belongs. That way your kitchen will always be clean and tidy.

Ideas for storing spices

Maybe you don’t like traditional spice racks, you prefer a DIY option, or you have too many spices to put all in one place. Here we’ll give you several ideas so that your kitchen stays tidy and you have quick access to all your ingredients.

1. Chalkboard spice rack

A chalkboard spice rack on the wall.

If you have a free wall (or a section of a wall), you can create a spice rack with a blackboard base. Then you can write the names of the spices on the wall. Put some wood shelves on the board to place your spices on. You’ll have an easily accessible, easy-to-read spice rack.

To finish the look, you can add a wooden frame or other material that you like that fits in with your kitchen.

2. Spice racks in a cupboard

Spices on a wooden rack.

If you want to have all your spices within reach, consider placing a spice rack in your cupboards. Some cupboards already have spice racks included, but if yours don’t, just add some small wooden shelves.

The drawback with this option, however, is that you need to keep your spices well-ordered since they are more visible. One way to do this is by buying identical bottles and placing labels on them.

4. A special piece of furniture

A spice rack that pulls out from the wall on wheels.

If you’re designing your kitchen, this idea can be useful. Similar to how some people store wine, there are also special pieces of furniture to store spices. They have several shelves and are compact.

You can also choose to put the shelf on wheels or a track so that when you’re not using it, you can push it into the wall. This also helps prevent dirt or dust from accumulating on the bottles.

4. With an old soda box

A spice rack made out of a wooden soda box.

Maybe you’ve been at a street market and have seen an antique, wooden box that used to be for transporting soda. There are small compartments for each of the bottles. If you place one of these boxes upright on a wall or table, you’ll have an original spice rack.

Another way to get this same look is to buy a wooden box and add the divisions according to the desired size. You’ll also have to have identical jars (of size and design) so that they look nice and uniform.

5. How to store spices inside a drawer

A way to store spices inside a drawer.

Do you want to store your spices out of the way? Then we recommend that you have a special drawer for them. There are different ways to do this. For example, you can get an option that just has holes to put in each jar or container. That way when you open the drawer you just see the tops (which should be labeled).

6. Fresh plants

Signs to label fresh spices.

Finally, we’ve got a great idea for how to store spices and keep them fresh all year round! And your kitchen will smell amazing.

First, fill jars or cans with soil (you can always use conventional pots). Then plant different aromatic plants. Remember that they need sun and water to grow.

There are thousands of ways to store spices. The important thing is that you find a way that works for you and your needs. Choose the option that seems original, but also functional!