The 9 Rules That Will Help You Make Your House Impeccable

We bring you some rules of order to make your house finally look how you want it. They are easy to follow and super effective.
The 9 Rules That Will Help You Make Your House Impeccable

Last update: 25 April, 2021

Taking time to tidy up the house can be complicated, even more so with today’s fast-paced life. But once you do, the goal is to keep everything in place for as long as possible. Therefore, discover the 9 rules of order so that you have the house you want.

Next, you will see a simple method that will allow you to tidy your house with the least possible effort. Take note of these expert tips and encourage yourself to carry them out.

Why follow the rules of order?

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Lack of time has become one of the greatest enemies of modern society. Work, children, and commitments make rushing the common factor in many homes, causing great disorganization.

The best way to keep cleanliness and order in a home up to date is by following a method that you can follow step by step until you achieve your goal. Do you want to know what it is?

1. Everything has a home

It seems very basic, but it is essential that each thing has a place, so you can leave it there after each use and prevent it from moving from one place to another.

A clear example is keys and everything that you usually carry in your pockets when you walk through the door. If you have not assigned a place to all this, it is about time you did. Place a tray and a key hanger on one of the walls in the hall. In addition to creating order, you avoid looking for them every time you go out.

2. Don’t fill all the space

Professional organizers recommend that you do not use the full storage capacity you have. The optimum is to use 80% and leave 20% free. The objective is not to fill it, but to leave a little air so that your house breathes and you do not saturate it with unnecessary objects.

3. Rules of order – closets

One of the most common sources of clutter is closets. Clothes and various junk accumulate that sometimes end up forgotten.

Therefore, it is important to carry out a wardrobe change each season that allows you to keep the clothes that you do not use and leave the ones you wear the most at hand. The same happens with the rest of the rooms – the things used most often tend to be on show.

4. Out with the old

Marie Kondo has a remarkable plan when it comes to order, but she is not the only one. All the gurus of order agree that when something new comes in, something else must go out.

The key is that they are things of the same category. To make this even more effective, get rid of two old things for every new item. In no time, you’ll have a ton of extra space.

5. Rules of order – watch out for drawers

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We’re sure you have one or more disaster drawers! To prevent this from happening, use dividers or boxes that allow you to compartmentalize the interior and make everything more organized.

6. Say goodbye to what you no longer want

Experts recommend that you throw away everything that you no longer use. You can start small, with things to which you have no emotional attachment, such as plastic containers, receipts that are no longer good for anything, those samples of creams that you have in the bathroom and will never use…

7. Everything should be used

Don’t do what our grandmothers did – keeping that precious table linen just for when you have guests. It is about giving use to everything that enters the door of your house; otherwise, it is just taking up space. If you have to buy new glasses, these from Zara Home are gorgeous.

8. Don’t multiply

Sometimes it is impossible to resist, but you do not need 4 sets of sheets and 6 tablecloths. The more you accumulate, the more difficult it will be to keep everything in place.

9. Rules of order – pick up on the spot

It’s very simple – never leave anything in the way when you leave a room. This applies especially to the living room and those nights when you go to bed leaving everything upside down. If you spend 5 minutes folding the blanket, putting the cushions tidy, and taking cups to the kitchen, the next morning everything will be easier for you.

These are the 9 commandments to ensure that your house is always orderly. You will see that although at first, it is difficult for you to put them into practice, after a few days you will have them under control and you will see how well they work.

With a little perseverance and a clear mind, your home will look much more organized, and best of all, you will not have any pending tasks.

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