Smart Locks: Security and Peace of Mind

We'll tell you about the advantages of smart locks. Consider this option to keep your home safe and provide more peace of mind.
Smart Locks: Security and Peace of Mind

Last update: 24 July, 2021

Smart locks are an excellent option if you feel that using a traditional lock isn’t enough to keep your home safe. More, now that the holiday season is approaching, many people want to take a few days off to clear their minds and get out of the home routine that the pandemic has created.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the advantages of implementing smart lock technology, so that inside or outside the home, you feel safe and calm. Keep reading!

Advantages of having smart locks at home

Although technology has taken over many aspects of our lives and often in a good way, in some cases it can generate distrust. After all, what can be safer than a door with multiple locks or latches, right?

The truth is that you still have this option at your disposal. But to clear this issue and any other doubts you may have surrounding smart locks, we’ve provided a list of advantages below.

Smart locks are safer than traditional locks

They are difficult to violate.

There are different types of traditional locks, some safer than others, and although we’ve used them forever, they can be compromised. When it comes to smart locks, many models don’t have an actual key, rather a mechanism or keypad and that causes concern.

However, forcing smart locks is much more complex than traditional locks, since their configurations require more than a pair of tweezers or master keys to open them.

They don’t require the use of keys

As we said, smart locks don’t usually incorporate a physical key. So, you can forget about being late because you lost or misplaced your keys! Not to mention those moments of stress in which you’ve gone out and accidentally left them inside the house.

Smart locks, depending on the type, are opened with an access code or with your fingerprint. You can even do it through an application.

They have custom settings

Control security options from your mobile.

Smart locks have different alternatives to make a custom configuration, all in order to protect your home. The options you have include various opening modes, as well as the sounds and the conditions for activating your alarm.

In fact, you can activate notifications to your cell phone so you’ll know when there was an entry or exit. Thus, when you go on vacation and leave someone in charge of your home, you’ll know exactly when they access your property. Equally, you’ll also be reassured that when anyone has left your home, the door is properly closed.

Smart locks are easy to install

It’s often assumed that installing this type of lock will require hiring an expert in electronics. Or that wired cables must be placed throughout the house, but this isn’t the case.

These locks generally have two main parts, one that’s attached to the door frame and the other that’s attached to the area where the door frame and door meet. Although this will depend on the brand, as some security mechanisms sit directly on the doorknob.

In any case, the manufacturer or store where you bought your smart lock can provide you with specific installation advice.

You can open the doors remotely

Open smart locks remotely.

No one other than you or who you’ve authorized can have access to your home. Your family can have a particular code or register their fingerprints, but you can also enable entry remotely.

Thus, when you’re away from home you can let a family member or friend in your home to water the plants or take care of your pets. All you have to do is generate a code in your cell phone application and provide it to whoever needs to gain entry.

For safety, be careful to deliver the code in person and try not to send it by message.

Smart locks help you to save money

These types of locks help you to save money. Although the cost of replacing traditional keys is minimal, this money can be used for other things.

If you or one of your trusted visitors forgets the access code, you can generate a new one in the application and that’s it. Forget about changing the keys or even changing the locks! Remember that following the loss of traditional keys, there’s a high risk that an intruder can enter your home to commit a robbery.

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