Going on Vacation? Prep Your Home Before You Leave

Are you lucky enough to be going on vacation? Great! But before you leave for your destination, you'll want to follow these tips.
Going on Vacation? Prep Your Home Before You Leave

Last update: 18 November, 2020

Prepping your home is essential before going on vacation. Keeping everything in order and preventing last-minute problems will make you feel more relaxed while you’re away.

You’ll probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry because we’re going to give you some solutions so that, when you return home, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Before going on vacation

A mother and child watering their plants.

What should I do with the plants if nobody can water them?

A good trick for watering plants, both indoors and on the terrace, is to put the end of a piece of string into the potting soil and insert the other end into a container filled with water.

Also, it’s a good idea to leave a small bowl filled with water next to them so they have enough humidity. This way, when you return home they won’t have dried out.

Should I cover the drains?

If you’re going on vacation for several weeks, it’s highly recommended you cover the bathroom and kitchen drains with a plug or a cloth, as well as the cracks under the doors to the outside, to prevent dust and insects from getting in.

If you live in a house, it can be very useful to fumigate, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and places near the garden or terrace. Also, spray outdoor plants to avoid them from being invaded by summer pests.

Is it necessary to turn off the water and gas?

Some dirty water coming out of a faucet.

We advise doing so. You must close the stopcock to avoid any mishaps, such as a leak or a broken pipe.

When you get back, you should let the water from all the taps run for a few minutes because the pipes can have dirt in them and make the water taste bad. As for the stove, keep in mind that you must turn on the gas and leave it on for a couple of seconds so that all the accumulated air comes out.

What should I do with my pets?

If you don’t take them with you and can’t leave them with a friend or family member, you can take them to a boarding kennel. There are services of this type for all kinds of pets that include accommodation, food, and the veterinary care they require.

Should I close all the windows before going on vacation?

Some window cages on the ground floor.

It is necessary to close all the doors and windows of the house. However, it’s wise to leave a small gap for fresh air so the house doesn’t feel too stuffy when you get back. You can adjust, without closing completely, some windows, letting air through the slits of the blind.

How do I avoid musty smells?

To prevent this unpleasant smell from appearing, you can place desiccant packets in each closet and even in the rooms that are to remain completely closed.

What other security measures should I take before going on vacation?

A person setting their home alarm before going on vacation.

Basically, close all doors and windows properly. Ideally, a neighbor should come to your house from time to time to check that everything is still in order and to pick up your mail.

Try not to publish on social networks the days you’re planning to leave. Additionally, place some extra security measures on the doors of the house.

What about the appliances?

Leave the washing machine with the door open so it can dry well and not get moldy inside or rust. If it’s top-loaded, put something under the lid to stop it from closing completely.

The fridge should be left clean and empty. Also, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices should be covered with a cloth to prevent them from collecting dust.

Do I need to cover delicate furniture?

We recommend doing so because, even if you’ve cleaned thoroughly, the dust will return after just a few days. Cover sofas, antique wooden furniture, and the most delicate items. You can use old sheets or any large piece of fabric for this purpose.

What did you think of our advice? Easy to do, right? Well, now we can only say bon voyage.

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