Save Money: Reuse So You Don't Waste

We use and get rid of things on a daily basis. In this article we'll give you some tips to save money by recycling and creating new objects for your home.
Save Money: Reuse So You Don't Waste

Last update: 26 October, 2018

You should always remember that you can save a lot of money by using what you already have in your home.

The options are limitless – you can create a variety of new furniture or decorative and functional objects for your home without spending any money. In addition, when you create new objects you get the chance to exercise your creativity. Through this process you’re putting together something that’s visually beautiful with the colors and materials that you like most.

In this article we’ll give you some ideas to give a second life to objects that you’re thinking about throwing away. 

How to save money creating small objects

Reuse cans

If you frequently buy food in cans, such as tuna or beans, you can actually reuse the container. Tin is a resistant material that you can paint on or finish in any way you like.

Create pots

This idea is very simple. Wash the can, remove whatever labels or papers are on it, and dry it well. You can paint the can and make small holes in the base so you can use it as a flower pot. These are ideal for aromatic plants, small succulents, or cacti. This is an interesting way to save money and not have to buy small pots for your plants.

plants in cans

Create containers for your cutlery

If you have medium or large cans, you can do the same as above. Wash the can and remove any labels on it. You can store knives, forks, spoons, and other kitchen utensils in your old cans. We’re always looking for a place to store our kitchen utensils.

Reuse your jars

We often have honey, jams, or preserves in glass jars. Some brands use beautiful bottles that we could use to decorate if we just clean them up and remove their labels. What better way to conserve things we have already bought and make them an interesting part of our home? 

Make flower vases

You can create your own beautiful vases with a glass jar. Use ribbons, paint, or decorate them with washi tape. There are so many easy, cheap ways to decorate glass jars that you already have sitting around your home. When you make these, you’ll have new centerpieces or hanging vases to store your flowers in.

Make unique lamps

Use string lights that you would usually hang at Christmas and put them in a glass jar. That’s all you have to do, and you have a lamp! This technique doesn’t need you to spend any money. You will create an entirely original lamp for your bedroom or living room.

How to save money restoring old furniture

There’s another way to save money by recycling objects. You can restore old objects or pieces of furniture that you’ve forgotten about and that are accumulating dust. Whether it’s a staircase, an old drawer or a chair, you can always give an old object a second life. 

We’re going to give you some original ideas so that you don’t end up accumulating old or useless furniture. If you have something that you’re tempted to put in the trash, think twice!

Make a new coat rack out of chairs

If you have old chairs that no longer work, maybe they have a loose leg or have damaged wood, keep reading. Consider using the very original idea of transforming them into a small coat rack. Cut the chair in half and adhere it to the wall. If you like, you can paint the chair beforehand.

This new small coat rack is very practical for bedrooms. You can also use it to hang towels in bathrooms or to store the clothes that you want to wear the next day.

Make a new coat rack out of an old ladder

As with the chair coat rack, you can do the same with an old ladder. If you don’t know if you need your ladder anymore, if you never use it, or if it’s not as stable as it should be, don’t throw it away! You can paint it another color or keep its original color. In addition, you could also varnish it to protect it and add hanging baskets to it to store things.

save money ladder

Build shelves with old drawers

If you have some old drawers in your storage room that no longer have a function or you have no place to store them, you can consider using them as shelves. Paint them a color you like and hang them on your wall. This is an original idea that’s ideal for storing small objects. In addition, you can add small hooks and hang keys or necklaces from your new shelf.

As you can see, recycling is easy and fun. There are endless ways to save money and reuse items that you already have sitting around your home.

Remember, if you want to do it, you can! We hope that these ideas will help you renovate your space and decorate it nicely. To conclude, it’s always best to give a second chance to something that we would have otherwise thrown in the trash.

Before going to the store in search of something new, save your money and look in the corners of your home. Use your imagination.