Security Doors: All You Need to Know

Having a safe home is very important for your peace of mind, but do you know how to achieve it? Security doors are an ideal solution.
Security Doors: All You Need to Know

Last update: 04 January, 2021

Security doors are ideal if you want to avoid problems in your home – and that’s why here you’ll find some answers to the most common questions.

How about we show you how to protect your doors most comfortably and effectively and we take you through what kind of locks are the most convenient?

Security doors – questions and answers

1. What is an armored door?

An armored door is a wooden door covered on both sides with a sheet of iron approximately one millimeter thick and finished in wood with a traditional design.

Also, it has a built-in security lock, which makes it much more resistant than normal doors.

2. What kind of locks can I install?

There are many types, ranging from the classic to the most sophisticated, but the most common is the three-point lock that secures the door at the top, in the center, and at the bottom.

This is very safe, although there are locks with up to nine security points. Keep in mind that the final choice will depend on the degree of coverage you want for your home.

3. Security doors – what kind of accessories can they have?

In addition to having the classic peephole, security doors can be opened and closed by the same system that alarms use (home automation alarm) or by an electronic intercom.

Both systems are very reliable, but installing them will greatly increase the budget and the complete closing of the door can only be done manually.

4. What is an anti-lever lock?

Anti-lever locks are iron structures in the shape of an angle that are placed around the door so that burglars can’t break in using a lever.

Although they’re used quite frequently, security experts don’t recommend installing them, as in some cases it may make it easier for the thief to break in rather than prevent them from doing so.

5. Do all armored doors have the same design?

No, you can find armored doors with many different designs – from plain models to those with moldings.

However, it’s normal to choose a similar design to the rest of the doors in the property if you live as part of a residents’ association since many require that all are the same.

6. Security doors – is it necessary to reinforce the door frame?

If the frame solid enough to support the weight of the armored door, this isn’t necessary. However, if it’s not, it must be reinforced with cement and iron anchors or replaced entirely. We recommend reinforcing the frame in all cases.

7. What is an armored door?

This type of door, unlike armored doors, is made entirely of iron and usually has a three-point lock. You should take this into account when deciding on a door.

On the outside, they are lined with wood and, on the inside, they have a corrugated iron plate filled with foam. They are very heavy doors, but if installed properly, they are also the safest.

8. What wood is best for a security door?

Most often a security door is built on a solid pine wood base. In terms of security, the most important thing is that the door structure is solid.

9. Is it easy to open the door if I lose my keys?

The answer is yes. The same technicians who installed the door will come to open it for you. Specialists must do this, otherwise, they could damage it.

Don’t forget that if you’ve installed a very secure lock, it’s likely that they will have to break down the door so that you can access your home.

Has this information helped you make the best decision when installing a security door in your home?