5 Door Handles Designed by Great Architects

Door handles are everyday objects that we often forget about. However, great architects show us that a door handle can be an exceptionally decorative element and give your home a high quality, personal touch.
5 Door Handles Designed by Great Architects

Last update: 25 June, 2020

Door handles designed by great architects are increasingly popular in architectural homes. In fact, great architects and designers from around the world have been attracted by the challenge of designing an everyday object, but with great symbolic value.

The peculiarity of door handles is that they are a tactile part of the architecture. To open a door, you have to touch the door handle and open it to enter the room within.

In this way, door handles take on a poetic dimension. They are the physical link between the person and the space. It’s also the first part of the architecture that people interact with.

In terms of the confluence between door handles and the space, one company stands out. Olivari has produced door handles for more than a hundred years. The company demonstrates that door handles can be a fundamental piece of architecture.

This Italian company has also worked with big names in international architecture to design handles from their unique perspectives.

In fact, the relationship between Olivari and various architects reached its pinnacle when Gio Ponti designed Lama. Ponti especially designed this handle for the Pirelli building in Milan in 1954.

From that time to the present, many architects, such as Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Daniel Libeskind, Toyoo Ito, and Patricia Urquiola, have collaborated with Olivari to create avant-garde designs. Next, we’ll show you 5 designs that could fit perfectly into your home.

1. Chevron by Zaha Hadid

One of the many door handles designed by Olivari is Chevron.

Zaha Hadid’s futuristic buildings are characterized by their curved shapes, multiple perspective points, and fragmented geometry. The intention of this architect was to evoke the chaos of modern life.

As an example of the use of these unique shapes, take a look at the Chevron handle. Hadid designed this handle in collaboration with Olivari. In fact, the Chevron handle was designed for Hadid’s first New York building, a residential building next to the High Line park.

This handle was a product of intense collaboration, which resulted in the development of a unique, creative door handle.

2. Door handles designed by great architects – Icona by Vincent Van Duysen

Another of Olivari door handles is Icona.

Belgian-born architect Vincent Van Duysen believes architecture should be like a perfectly tailored suit. The inside should be as beautiful as the exterior. In addition, Van Duysen loves tradition, noble material, and the beauty of well-made things. His architecture shows his true passion as an architect.

Van Duysen developed the Icona door handle. This handle has a classic look and a natural aesthetic. It is perfect for everyday use and gives off a touch of nostalgia. However, it also is contemporary and modern.

In the creation of this door handle, Van Duysen paid a lot of attention to ergonomics. It feels nice in your hand, thanks to the rounded section of the inside lever. This contrasts with the outer, flat part of the handle and creates an unexpected effect.

3. Open by OMA and Rem Koolhaas

A silver door handle.

Designers know Rem Koolhaas for his theoretical proposals and impressive projects. Through his work, he has established himself as one of the most influential contemporary architects.

In fact, he has worked on projects all over the world, such as a Prada store in New York and the headquarters of his Italian firm in Milan.

In addition, Koolhas worked on iconic buildings like the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, the Seattle Central Library, the Casa da Música in Porto, and the CCTV headquarters in Beijing.

The Open door handle is the result of reducing a handle to its elemental, functional components: the axle and the lever. This modular separation results in two independent elements. These elements are joined together mechanically to create a unique look.

As a result, Open brings to mind the true function of door handles. The material and finishing of the handle enhance the formal simplicity.

4. Door handles designed by great architects – Chelsea by Jean Nouvel

A unique way to enter a room.

People associate Jean Nouvel’s buildings with great structural originality. In addition, he knows how to value and put in the foreground the spatial and cultural environments that surround his buildings. Nouvel is also one of the few architects that have managed to combine tradition and technology in his work.

In fact, you can see proof of this in the Chelsea handle. It is a synthesis of the creativity of the true artistry of Jean Nouvel. In fact, this ceramic handle looks a though it has the imprint of a hand wrapped around it. As a result, many people consider this handle to be “friendly” in the sense that it invites you to grab hold of it. It’s a surprising piece of sculpture and is iconic and sincere.

“Design helps us create tools that can make life easier.”

-Patricia Urquiola-

5. Lucy by Patricia Urquiola

A creative piece of design by Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola is an internationally-known Spanish architect. In addition to great talent, she has earned an important place in the world of design through her understanding of form and aesthetics. She works on large architectural projects and furniture designs.

As you can see, the Lucy door handle creates a minimalist look. It is the perfect synthesis both in dimensions and proportions. The handle consists of three different elements that work together. They are also masterfully integrated and create a brilliant harmony.

Great architects have always considered the details of interior design and the importance within the concept of architecture. The door handles designed by great architects, in collaboration with Olivari, are the perfect example to demonstrate why architecture and design have always gone hand in hand.

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