How to Decorate Your Summer Table

Linen tablecloths, flowers and candles are just some of the accessories that your summer table should have. Discover other details for your table that'll make your summer gathering unforgettable.
How to Decorate Your Summer Table

Last update: 04 August, 2021

Many people are of the opinion that the summer season is the perfect time to enjoy the company of family and friends. And what better way to do it than to organize a summer meal? If you want to impress your guests, both the menu and the decor must be unforgettable. Discover how to decorate your summer table and make your gatherings an experience that everyone wants to repeat.

Decorate your summer table by choosing the best place for food

How to decorate the table for the summer

The first step is to choose where the dishes will be placed. Believe it or not, this is decisive for the decoration of the table. In that sense, if it’s in a dining room inside the house, make sure that the table is close to a source of natural light such as a window or terrace. Natural light is known for being able to create a pleasant environment.

In addition, if it’s a dining room that you use daily, you may need to add a touch of freshness and fun that characterize summer. You can use natural fiber placemats, among other accessories of this style.

Now, in case you’ve decided that the food will be eaten outside, make sure that the dining area has suitable furniture. Your furniture should be suited for outdoor spaces and climatic conditions. A good option is teak wood furniture, recommended for its strength and durability.

Also, place furniture in a way that the sun isn’t directly on the table, instead, try to choose a cool place between the sun and the shade.

Choose your crockery and glassware carefully

This decision for which crockery and glassware you use will largely depend on the occasion. If it’s a casual meal, take advantage of the fact that it’s summer and have fun. Combine pieces of different tableware regardless of whether they’re different styles; the trick is to create a harmony.

For example, you can use natural patterned dinnerware along with solid colored pieces. And, if you don’t have a lot of variety, don’t be afraid to use white dinnerware. Besides favoring the light, white allows you to play with accessories for a charming decoration.

This tip also applies to glassware. Using colored glasses and cups is a bet that you can only make in summer. After all, this season is synonymous with fun and leisure.

On the other hand, if the occasion is formal, all diners should have the same crockery, glassware and cutlery. In this instance, only in exceptional cases is it permissible to combine different types.

Decorate your summer table: which tablecloth should you choose?

The tablecloth not only protects the table, but it’s also hygienic and gives a cozy appearance. For the summer, there are those people who declare linen tablecloths the obvious winners. Likewise, you can opt for a table runner made of this same fabric.

Keep in mind that if it’s a formal occasion, you must set the table following some basic rules. Some of them include the following:

  • The soup plate is placed on a flat plate.
  • The knife and spoon should go to the right, while the fork has its place to the left.
  • Dessert cutlery goes on the top front.
  • Glassware, as a rule, should be at least two pieces per person.

Another detail to remember is that each guest has a space of at least 60 centimeters. In this way, you’ll prevent their elbows and arms from colliding.

Arrange your accessories!

Accessories bring your summer table to life

When decorating your summer table, don’t forget to use accessories. These bring it to life! Some tips when incorporating accessories are as follows:

  • Opt for cloth napkins, preferably cotton, and children can have paper ones. As for the design and color, it depends on the dishes. They can be white, or in a contrasting color to the tablecloth and plates, or patterned. Also, remember, they go to the left of the plate, unless you make a shape then they can cover the plate.
  • There’s no way you’ll go wrong if you decide to use flowers. A basic bet is to use a flower arrangement, but you can also display flowers in vases, containers or patterns that are out of the ordinary. Of course, if you’re creating a minimalist style, floral details on the plate will suffice.
  • Candles can’t be lacking on a summer table either. Place them inside lanterns, glass vases, or even on old-fashioned dinnerware.
  • Who doesn’t dream of going to the beach during the summer? Bring the ocean to the table with marine motifs such as stars, shells, seahorses, paper boats, and flags, among others.

Decorate your summer table to impress

Take advantage of the summer to dare with your decor. For informal occasions, try shapes, colors and patterns that are out of the ordinary and those that represent the freshness and fun of summer. On formal occasions, you can also show off your good taste with the tips we’ve shared above.

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