Types of Lanterns For The Garden

The best way to create light in a garden is through lanterns. These create a beautiful effect.
Types of Lanterns For The Garden

Last update: 08 June, 2020

Once good weather arrives, most people start using their gardens more and more. You can use it for celebrations, gatherings, visits, meals, or just relaxing. But to do this, you need your garden to look good. Therefore, we’re going to show you different types of lanterns for the garden.

In the summer, many people use their garden more at night than during the day. So it’s a good idea to decorate your garden so you can enjoy it at night with beautiful lighting.

Small lanterns for the garden

Small lanterns for the garden are a great option.

One interesting option is using small street lamps that you can place next to your garden path. However, these don’t have to be too tall. You just need them to provide enough light and create a lovely aesthetic.

Another great option is using hanging lanterns on poles. This type of lantern is a beautiful decorative choice. It almost simulates a small urban street inside your yard. You can choose taller ones, which can be almost 5 feet or smaller ones that measure about 3 feet.

You can also use a lamppost that doesn’t have a hanging lantern. This style is much simpler. Also, they don’t take up much space and usually are about 5 feet high.

Your garden deserves the best lighting.

Types of lanterns for the garden

Lanterns hanging from a tree.

Another great choice for your garden is lots of small lanterns. In addition to providing light, they also create a magical effect once it gets dark.

  • One style is small lampposts. These can be about 20 inches high and don’t stand out too much.
  • Some lanterns have a small pole with a lamp on top. These create a more modern aesthetic.
  • If you like colors, you can consider lanterns with different colored glass. These create a beautiful effect and, in turn, a striking look for your garden.
  • Another interesting idea is lanterns that are partially hidden by stones, columns, or plants. This way, they look almost like natural lighting. It can create a very elegant look.

Wall lanterns

Two lanterns attached to the wall.

When it comes to wall lanterns, these are perfect for functional lighting. People generally use these on porches or at the entrances of homes.

These lanterns are fixed to the wall. If you want to give your garden a more personal touch, you can arrange them in various areas. This helps to create a well-lit space.

Minimalism and sophistication

Lights lining a path.

Within the world of lanterns for the garden, some styles are more minimalist. For example, some are a cylindrical shape with a light on the top. There are others where the light and the base are the same shapes.

These provide a more contemporary, modern environment. You can also find high-tech options or ones with solar panels if you want to bring your garden into the future.

Lanterns show their sophisication through their aesthetics.

Lanterns for the garden with candles

Candles outside in on a terrace.

If you want to go back in time and give your garden a historical feel, choose glass lanterns and place candles inside. These create a beautiful, natural light.

There are many options for lanterns with candles. You can get some that are placed on the ground. On the other hand, there are some that you can attach to the wall, simulating a typical 19th-century street lamp.


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