Try Newspaper Wallpaper and These Creations to Decorate

Did you ever think of decorating with newspaper?
Try Newspaper Wallpaper and These Creations to Decorate

Last update: 27 September, 2020

Newspaper wallpaper is now a new aesthetic to add to the various decorative resources for your walls. Furthermore, it brings a rustic and alternate touch to your decor.

The search for originality focuses on small details. Today, we’re going to learn about different creations and newspaper wallpaper to decorate.

Whenever you’re going to add a new component to our home, you should always create harmony with the rest of the furniture. For instance, it shouldn’t clash in an exaggerated way. Of course, you don’t want your home to end up being a test run.

The point is to be successful in using resources that can offer new perspectives. Aesthetic contrasts in the same room are needed. Therefore, you should turn to those elements that can offer something new and are similar.

Newspaper wallpaper


If you want to change the dynamics of a room without having to think about color combinations, you can simply cover one of the walls with newspaper. There’s regular wallpaper with colors but this is more expensive.

One possibility is to do it with different newspapers and to use them to cover the surface. The glue needs to be of good quality so that it adheres correctly to the paper.  Also, in stores, you’ll find glue for paper that doesn’t leave marks and is durable.

Above all, you must be sure that the paper stays completely smooth and doesn’t wrinkle. So that it combines well, other walls can be gray, white, turquoise, earth tan, etc. It’s preferable to avoid vibrant tones since they dominate everything else.

   An innovative solution that changes the color idea that we’re used to.

Newspaper to decorate the living room

A shade made out of newspaper

In the living room, this decorative idea is possible. Cushion sare a good addition to go along with this paper since they’ll contrast with the color of the sofa, which tends to be a plain fabric. They’ll stand out in a robust way.

The chairs and easy chairs may go with this type of decor. At the same time, a puff is another useful option.

One of the most original elements could be the drapes or curtains. Needless to say, they stand out more than other components and will help to generate a more alternative and laid back environment.

Frames made of newspaper

Newspaper frame for a round mirror


Another interesting feature could be frames that are made of newspaper. This is where ingenuity comes into play, including giving free rein to your imagination and making your very own creations. Let’s look at four tips for making frames:

1.First, you need to make an outline of the frame on a board or on cardboard. Next, use a thin wooden dowel as a pattern to give a cylindrical shape to the paper. Design each piece with the exact size to fit the frame correctly.

2.The simplest way to construct this is to cover a frame that is no longer being used or is worn out. It’s a way to reclaim something that is discarded or is no longer in use. For that, you just have to put a little bit of glue on it so that it stays securely in place.

3. Another creation, and maybe the most original, would be wrapping the paper around the dowels, which we mentioned previously. This way, you have a spiral form with a diameter that can end up being between 1 and 1.5 inches. Next, glue this to the surface of the frame.

4. In order to make the frame of a circular mirror, you would have to adapt the dowels to a pattern with this shape. You use glue as a means to firmly attach it. Then, put one on top of the other so that the mirror frame increases in width.

In the bedroom

A bedspread the looks like newspaper


As you’ve seen, the possibilities are many.  Any of the examples explained previously can be applied in the bedroom. However, you’re going to learn how to work in this space and give it a youthful touch.

Many stores that sell bed linens, also carry sheets and bedspreads with this type of pattern. They stand out more due to this theme. In the same way, a carpet or a piece of furniture can have this type of decor.

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