Cool Color Combinations - Turquoise and White

The unique relationship between turquoise and white can help you to bring energy and vitality to your home. Together, these two shades create the perfect dialog with one another.
Cool Color Combinations - Turquoise and White

Last update: 23 July, 2020

Contrasting colors are a great way to change the look and feel of your home. By introducing new decorative concepts, you can add a certain sense of originality and innovation. Today, we want to tell you about one of our favorite color combinations – turquoise and white.

Home renovations are synonymous with personal change. Now and again, we suddenly feel the urge to give our homes a brand new look, something that will give us a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Colors can be used to give our homes a new aesthetic meaning. Therefore, it’s important to look for those that you feel truly reflect your personality. Once you’ve done that, it’s simply a case of working out how to make the very most of them.

Using turquoise and white in your living room


Because turquoise and white complement each other so beautifully, it’s very easy to combine the two. What’s more, they can also help to establish a sort of aesthetic dialog between themselves and the rest of the decorative elements in your room.

Needless to say, you don’t want to start painting entire surfaces in bright turquoise. This intense color will instantly dominate the room, becoming garish and overwhelming. Instead, it’s best to take a more balanced approach, using white as the dominant tone to avoid overloading your rooms with color.

If you have a white or gray couch in your living room, you could combine it with a mixture of white and turquoise cushions. Alternatively, you could choose a turquoise and white sofa, and use the cushions to establish contrast.

The aim is to use one color to counteract the other in order to achieve perfect balance.

Turquoise and white bedroom decor

Turquoise and white bedroom decor.

Just like we saw in the living room, there are all kinds of different ways to use turquoise and white in your bedroom. Remember, bedrooms are private, personal spaces, so don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow. Let’s take a look at 4 different ways to use this fantastic color combo:

1. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s best to limit yourself to using turquoise on a single wall, painting the rest in white. That way, the turquoise will give your room a fresh and cheerful feel, while the white will bring a touch of purity and clarity.

2. The curtains are another great place to use the color turquoise, and b y painting the walls white, you can create a direct contrast between the two. At the same time, this will allow you to transform the windows into the focal point of your bedroom.

3. When it comes to your bed, you can use your comforter, blankets, cushions, and headboard to create contrast. Using these four elements will allow you to achieve the perfect distribution of colors. That said, it’s important to try to maintain balance, using turquoise and white in equal measure.

4. White is one of the easiest colors to combine with others. This means that it’s perfectly okay for it to take on a more prominent role in your bedroom decor than turquoise. It’s best to use turquoise almost sporadically, to allow you to bring energy to your room in a controlled and measured way.

Using turquoise and white in your bathroom

Blue bathroom decor.

The innate character and sensations associated with both turquoise and white make them the ideal colors for any bathroom. According to color psychology, both these colors convey feelings of purity and cleanliness. Using them in your bathroom is one of the best ways to make the very most of them.

When it comes to applying these colors to your bathroom, it’s often best to divide the space into sections. For example, turquoise works well on shower tiles, although it can also be applied to any other wall of the room. White, on the other hand, works better on larger surfaces, including the ceilings and bathroom fixtures.

If you decide that you’d rather turquoise took a more secondary role in your bathroom decor, you could incorporate it through individual elements, such as a piece of furniture, towels, or the shower curtain.

Kitchen decor

Kitchen tiles.

The kitchen is a space where white often takes on a particularly prominent role. Given how well it works with so many other colors, it’s important to find new and interesting ways to help it stand out.

As for turquoise, it’s not a color that we see all that often in kitchen decor. However, it can be perfect for wall tiles, furniture, or even barstools around a central island. The important thing is to make sure that it doesn’t take over completely. It’s simply there to add a splash of color.

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