Create Enchanting Settings with Turquoise Bathrooms

Considering how often people use turquoise for decor and other purposes, it's become a timeless color with a magical charm.
Create Enchanting Settings with Turquoise Bathrooms

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Adding colors to spaces like a bathroom isn’t always an easy task. But we have to stress that you don’t have to limit yourself to neutral colors for beautiful results. Opting for turquoise can be a bright, tasteful alternative.

Though it might sound like a bold color to use, turquoise is really a wonderful option because it transmits freshness, energy and serenity. Besides, blues and greens are the most visually aesthetic colors simply because they’re the most present in nature.

From minerals to decor settings

Turquoise has been a popular material in jewelry traditions since times past. People also used it to create amulets and other mystical objects, which gives a special magical charm. Essentially, it’s a color that has a long history.


In the world of Decor, turquoise has become one of the most sought-out colors of all time. It matches perfectly with both light and dark colors. In both cases, it maintains its bright, alluring air.

Aside from creating a natural and fresh setting, blues are great for decorating any room because they add depth.

Ideas for decorating turquoise bathrooms

Before using our ideas, we first want to mention that you can make accents in turquoise or any other bright color very bold or subtle by using details and accessories throughout the setting. Let’s take a look at the best ideas below.

1. Total immersion

If you want to create a turquoise bathroom with plenty of personality, you can fully immerse your bathroom in the color by using various shades of turquoise over large areas. You can cover walls, cabinets, and accessories.

turquoise immersion

By using a variety of darker turquoise shades, you won’t overwhelm your setting and instead, create a truly elegant bathroom. This idea mainly works for big, wide bathrooms with plenty of light. But you can adapt it to a smaller area as well.

2. Just walls or tiles

Walls are an easy way of adding color to any room. Whether you want to decorate a big or small room, you just need to follow a few steps to see amazing results. The best part about this idea is that you won’t need to look for accessories after adding colors to your walls.

If you don’t want to install turquoise tiles and would rather paint cement walls instead, use hydrophobic paint to protect them from the moisture.

3. Faucets and accessories

Turquoise bathrooms can come alive with accessories. This idea is especially great for our readers who want to keep their bathrooms bright and as open as possible. Leave your entire bathroom white expect for your towel set, bathroom accessories and the faucets.

Just as you can find special paint for your bathroom walls, you can also find paint for faucets.

turquoise faucets

4. Earthy neutral colors and turquoise

Another way to pull a sophisticated turquoise bathroom together is by using white, earthy colors (such as beige and brown) together with a little gray. Use turquoise for a certain accessory or a showpiece such as on a:

  • Demijohn
  • Mirror with a Baroque-style frame
  • Rug
  • Folding screen

Choose towels in white, beige, gray or turquoise to add a hint of color. In addition, you can also add a dark, leafy plant in the corner for a pop of green. Your bathroom will look amazing.


When you’re decorating, make sure you choose what you like. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy what you see. But always keep the characteristics of your space in mind as well as your budget in order to plan accordingly from the start.

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