Rowen & Wren Vintage Bathroom Accessories

Want to give your bathroom a special touch? Read this article to learn about the latest Rowen & Wren bathroom accessories.
Rowen & Wren Vintage Bathroom Accessories

Last update: 05 February, 2019

The British decor company Rowen & Wren has a wide range of products with a very particular style, original design, and handmade feel. Today, we’re going to talk specifically about the vintage bathroom accessories you can get in the newest Rowen & Wren collection.

It can seem like a big task to decorate a bathroom. But if you have an industrial style house and like vintage, handmade objects, then you’re going to die for the bathroom accessories we’re about to show you.

Rowen & Wren’s products

Rowen & Wren offers beautiful, high-quality, long-lasting products. Their catalog also includes handmade bathroom accessories with a rustic touch. The main colors in their new collection are brass, nickel, blackened bronze, and gray.

rowen & wren shower basket

You can combine one or more of these objects with other decorations in your bathroom to make an amazing vintage space. Keep reading to see some of the latest Rowen & Wren bathroom accessories to help you get started!

Decorate your bathroom with vintage Rowen & Wren accessories

The Rowen & Wren catalog has all kinds of bathroom accessories: mirrors, towel racks, shelves, fabrics, etc. They’re all beautiful and made of strong, high-quality, water-resistant materials, with designs that will take you on a journey into the past. 

Shelves and bathroom carts

You absolutely have to have shelves or carts in your bathroom to store all your hygiene products. Rowen & Wren’s latest catalog has some gorgeous metal shelves with glass surfaces and a rounded, elegant look. They also have lots of different colors to choose from, so that you can pick the one that suits your bathroom best.

Towel rack

You always need somewhere to hang towels in your bathroom. This British company has a pretty towel rack with simple rails and small hooks you can use hang up your towels and bathrobes.

Stone wall bathroom

Toothbrush holder

This is the simplest accessory Rowen & Wren offers. But simplicity often reigns supreme in decoration, and a toothbrush holder is a must for any bathroom. Plus, this tough, soft, metal receptacle will go amazingly with all your other accessories and comes in different colors.

Original mirrors

Mirrors are also a basic part of any bathroom. Rowen & Wren has a great mirror in their catalog. It’s square with round edges and a beautiful chain on the back that will allow you to hang it up in any part of the bathroom you want. You could either use it as your main mirror or more of a secondary, decorative one. 

Soap dishes

Soap dishes are, of course, another must-have for your bathroom. This company has some great options. Our favorites are the rectangular, classic style ones with a slight dip to keep the soap from sliding or getting wet.

The great thing about some of Rowen & Wren’s is that they’re made to be big enough for any kind of soap. This is also another element you’ll find in several colors and finishes, like nickel, blackened bronze, and brass.


Bathroom fabrics

Fabrics are also a big part of just about any space in your house. Rowen & Wren has some great natural, high-quality linen towels. Linen is an amazing natural fiber for your skin, and it’s a great choice if you like to keep natural materials at home.

You can find them in dark gray, light gray, and off-white. These are especially good choices because they’re in fashion right now and you’ll see them in lots of decorations. These desaturated tones are also great with the metallic colors in the other parts of their collection.

These vintage bathroom accessories from Rowen & Wren will make the perfect complement to an industrial, or vintage style house. The colors are a bit on the cold side, with an aged look, which means they’ll look great with light-colored walls, metal or wooden furniture, and pastel tones. So, get decorating and turn your bathroom into a time capsule!