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Using Yellow and Turquoise Together

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If you want to try something bolder that'll really shake your decor up, use yellow and turquoise together.
Using Yellow and Turquoise Together
Last update: 04 April, 2019

Certain colors spark a deep contrast together that works perfectly, creating a boldly extravagant decor. Yellow and turquoise are a great example– have you ever thought about how to use them in your home decor?

These are completely different colors and have nothing to do with each other chromatically. But while yellow and turquoise are opposites, together they can create a wonderfully bold style for your home.

Why not try a more unique decor? We often settle for typical decor and designs but sometimes we should really try new and original ideas instead.

The importance of establishing a chromatic dialog

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Your home decor should flow between your furniture and walls. If you don’t quite have that balance, then something’s not right. Remember that decorating is actually a creative art.

If the colors in your settings don’t work together, they’ll create tension. Nothing will make sense and the room will feel unsettled, bringing you far from a harmonious decor.

Yellow and turquoise are very different: one is warm and light, while the other is cool and dark. However, they have a special relationship and always create a beautiful setting together. In other words, they create a proper chromatic dialog.

Achieving decor harmony at home is truly important.

How can you use them together?

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These colors won’t work well in a random combination that lacks a clear objective. You need to think about how they can work together. Don’t forget that they’re a stark contrast to one another and need balance.

  • Turquoise looks good on walls. It can be pretty intense or even have a weathered effect, but turquoise makes a great backdrop for furniture.
  • If you have turquoise walls, you don’t have to use solid yellow furniture. Instead, you can use it to accessorize. Try not to overdo it. For example, chairs, a couch, a light fixture…
  • If you have yellow walls instead, you can use a lot of turquoise furniture pieces because it’s a cooler color that’ll balance out the intensity of the walls, creating a nice atmosphere.
  • Don’t go overboard with your decorUsing too much of both yellow and turquoise can make a room overwhelming.

Main and secondary color

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If you want one color to be your main color, make sure you know how to use it. You have to think carefully about the balance depending on the color that you want to dominate. The wrong ratio might result in clashing decor.

  • A mainly turquoise room with yellow accessories will look good mostly because cooler colors work better as bases than their intense, bold counterparts.
  • Besides these two colors, you can use other colors as well. However, keep them in balance and under control. Avoid clashes.
  • Would a room with two turquoise and two yellow walls look good? You can try but they might create tension.

What is the biggest difference between yellow and turquoise?

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When we look at these colors, we feel completely different things. But they’re opposites that attract and work marvelously together. One works as a base (turquoise) and the other, a highlight (yellow).

Both are special colors that aren’t very common in home decor. Creating settings that use both as complementary colors can work to really make a statement.