Special Sofas - In Search of Style and Comfort

Are you thinking of getting a new sofa? Don't miss this article where we'll give you some great options.
Special Sofas - In Search of Style and Comfort

Last update: 27 August, 2020

When it comes to getting a new piece of furniture in the house, you often search until you find the perfect item that fits your budget, tastes, space, and decorative style. So we’re going to give you a little help with special sofas, and we’ll tell you about the best offers on the market.

These are the best sellers, ones that are value for money, and that will add style and comfort to your living room.

Special sofas – from IKEA to the world

IKEA sells some special sofas.

The Ektorp range is a favorite for those who shop at this Swedish store. The sofa has a timeless design and the cushions are so soft and comfortable. It seats three and comes for $399.

Also, we’ve included this in our list of special sofas because its covers are easy to put on and take off, allowing you to wash them when necessary. If you also buy the cover in several colors, you can change it according to your mood or season of the year, completely transforming the appearance of the room.

This IKEA sofa made our list of special sofas.

An extra bed

The Ragunda is another of IKEA’s best sellers and that’s because, in addition to a sofa, it also has a bed and extra storage. You also can use the storage to store bedding and blankets you don’t use in the summer.

This sofa also has a chaise lounge that you can place on the right or left side. It’s made of white leatherette and is super easy to clean. This is also ideal if you have children. Best of all, you can get all of this for the great price of $449.

Special sofas – options from Maisons du Monde

A gray Maison du Monde sofa.

Retro look

The Jody sofa can also be made into a bed and its neutral style makes it perfect for all kinds of living room. It seats three and you can find it in light gray for $410.

One of this sofa’s main attractions is its oblique hevea legs that give it a very Scandinavian vibe. Its back has beautiful, full cushions, which are perfect if you like the mid-century style.

Maisons du Monde has many special sofas.

The most sophisticated

The Elvis sofa is another Maisons du Monde option. Once you see it in green velvet, you’ll never look back. It also turns into a bed and seats three. Also, the wood is FSC certified. This guarantees that the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest.

Its vintage lines are inspired by Scandinavian furniture, but it has a very modern finish thanks to its upholstery. It’s super comfortable and will make your living room look elegant. It costs $435.

Special sofas – Kave Home and its avant-garde designs

A gray sofa from Kave Home.

Modern and smooth

The Brida sofa is upholstered in velvet and you can find it in turquoise, pink, gray, and graphite. It seats two and measures four feet. You can find it online for $482.

This option is from a Spanish company and offers a sofa with a clear structure, making it a very contemporary piece of furniture. Also, it has a slightly asymmetric look and its design is completely functional with no additions.

A more natural couch.

For people who love the natural look

The Lin sofa is ideal for people who love a natural, bohemian look. Its two-color design in a natural, black finish has armrests. The seat is made from hand-woven rattan. This is a true design piece made with hand-made materials and processes, which makes each sofa unique.

The two seats make it a perfect option for a summer look. It includes super comfortable, soft cushions and costs $530.

All these sofas are a great design and are comfortable, practical, and will make your home feel very cozy. Have you fallen in love with any of them?

Make the centerpiece of your living room a family gathering spot. Combine it with other elements, according to your colors and style.