Patterned Sofas - a Way to Reinvent Your Home

If you want to give your living room a unique, attractive touch, it's time to consider patterned sofas to bring some energy into the room.
Patterned Sofas - a Way to Reinvent Your Home

Last update: 15 August, 2020

The colors you use in your home don’t have to be plain. Other possibilities help create a unique look, such as patterned sofas.

Often, people are reluctant to introduce new aesthetic concepts in the home. As a general rule, most people tend to choose simple, basic resources and more conservative options to stick with common patterns and stereotypes.

We’re not saying you need to take risks. Instead, you should try to open your mind and seek new, more original options that help demonstrate your personality and give a  sophisticated look.

Patterned sofas with linear and geometric patterns

Patterned sofas can add a unique touch.

One way to decorate your home is with furniture that reflects structure through linear and geometric patterns. What options are there with these patterns? What peculiarities do they have?

  1. Linear patterns are usually made up of horizontal or vertical lines and angles. Often, you can see these in parallel, oblique, or criss-cross designs. These patterns generate a stabilizing effect because of the lines.
  2. Geometric patterns are characterized by different shapes: rectangles, circles, or triangles. However, you can find these in lots of different colors and sizes that create dynamism. For example, one very interesting example is prints in the style of Mondrian’s paintings.

Patterned sofas with natural prints

There are some patterned sofas with vegetable prints.

Some of the most common natural prints feature plants. There are many different options. There are also plenty of interesting color combinations. Let’s take a look at three common choices:

  1. You can complement patterns with leaves from exotic or tropical plants, such as ferns, palm trees, orchids, or banana trees, with cushions in warm tones that convey joy and naturalness.
  2. As for floral prints, there are roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, and poppies. There is a wide variety of upholstery that reflects passion and a romantic feel. Also, these prints can provide color or be of a simpler two-color design.
  3. Another choice is drawings inspired by vegetation that creates a psychedelic feel. These can convey energy and create a modern, striking appearance.

Patterned sofas with newspaper and photo prints

An armchair with a newspaper pattern.

One style that creates a casual, daring look is sofas with newspaper prints. These feature a white background and black letters with headlines, photos, and advertisements.

The aesthetic effect makes it look as if the sofa itself is made of newspaper. It’s a way of incorporating an everyday resource into the modern world of home furnishings.

Another option is a photo print. You can find these of cities, such as Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, or historical figures, especially from the music world, such as The Beatles, Elvis, or Marilyn Monroe.

Collage with different patterns

A sofa with lots of different patterns.

You can also create a relationship between different patterns using the collage technique. This consists of simply using various complementing themes, such as natural, geometric, and plain, to create a remarkable and truly attractive piece.

This is a piece of furniture that features different harmonized elements, creating a dynamic and artistic appearance and an energetic feeling.

The sofa has taken on greater prominence and is a significant piece in the living room.

Other unique and eye-catching patterns

An animal print couch.

You can find all kinds of patterns from boring to unique. For example, one option is zebra print, which is characterized by arranged lines of black and white.

There are also other types such as prints featuring constellations with an indigo blue background or graffiti that offers a more daring, street aesthetic.

There are so many options and, depending on the creativity of the upholsterer, you can find all different kinds of techniques. So why not search for a sofa that suits your personality?

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