How to Use Tropical Art Prints in Your Home

Tropical and botanical art are a fresh and energizing style that'll make your rooms stand out. Are you adventurous enough to try this?
How to Use Tropical Art Prints in Your Home

Last update: 12 August, 2020

Today we’ll look at five ways to decorate with tropical art. From the minimal to maximalism. A few seasons ago these motifs took the interior design scene by storm. And they came to stay.

This is not an easy theme though. But with some key and clear ideas, we have no doubt you’ll be able to reproduce this style in your own home in a professional manner. In addition, the striking boldness stands out, with a bright color palette that uses the most vivid greens. Using tropical prints will also provide a taste of the exotic that’ll put you in a good mood.

However, it’s important to understand that the tropical decoration style is not only prints and patterns. The secret is designing a comprehensive scheme. Coordinating tropical fabric and wallpaper designs with exotic furniture and accessories is one of the key elements of this style.

Wallpaper with tropical art prints

A living room with tropical art.

If what you’re looking for is to create a jungle feel in your living room, the wallpaper can do this. You can use all the walls of the room for this, although we recommend using this type of print on just one.

Choose a pattern with large, shiny leaves and mix it with soft colors such as neutral grays or beige, or even pink, and do it through other decor elements too. These tones soften tropical prints without making them lose their key role in the room.


A room with tropical art.

Don’t overlook the role that tropical-style furniture plays in creating a room full of exoticism. In terms of furniture, choose different shapes, such as tables and lamps shaped like a pineapple or a flamingo.

But more important are the materials. Cane, bamboo, or rattan pieces give the effect you want to achieve without having to resort to obvious shapes.

Some furniture that works well with this type of aesthetic is Art Deco or Art Nouveau pieces. Furthermore, within these two trends, you can find furniture and decor accessories with shapes and silhouettes that’ll add that botanical touch you’re looking for in this type of design.

Tropical prints on upholstery

A sofa with colorful cushions.

If, in addition to wallpaper and tropical-style furniture, you want to add a definitively maximal touch to your room, you can use elegant tropical print upholstery.

You can apply this to sofas, armchairs, headboards, or sofa beds. Although, this doesn’t mean you have to cover the entire room with these patterns. In any room, a tropically upholstered sofa or headboard next to a single wall with the same motifs will give the exact touch of the style you’re trying to achieve.

Also, you can achieve the same with tropical print cushions and convert any room into the most elegant and exotic place. Furthermore, they’re the perfect alternative to play it safe if you don’t want to go overboard with prints or aren’t daring enough to place them on furniture or walls.

Tropical or botanical prints applied to cushions create an important focus of attention without taking over the entire room. To make it more dramatic you can choose the most striking fabrics – those you wouldn’t use on a sofa or a wall.


A living room with a mural.

If you want to just add a subtle touch of this style to a room, you can just use decor accessories: bamboo baskets, heirloom ivory, palm wood, or any ornaments with an exotic feel to put on tables and sideboards.

Pineapples, flamingos, and accessories in orange and green tones, all with a lot of gold, and plenty of tropical plants… All together this will give a bold aesthetic but in a much more neutral and sophisticated way.

Setting the table with tropical art

A formal table is another opportunity to add this style to your house. You can set the table with exotic accessories and tablecloths with tropical prints.

Napkin holders made of natural fibers or wood carvings with snake or crocodile motifs work well. In addition, plates and trays in the shape of large palm leaves and colored glasses look great. Together, they’ll help recreate a table worthy of the best resort in the Caribbean.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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