Fruit Prints for Home Decoration

Give a creative, fun touch to your home using decorative resources with fruit prints.
Fruit Prints for Home Decoration

Last update: 26 June, 2020

As it gets warm, most people want to bring the summery feeling inside as well. Therefore, we’ll show you a fun, creative trend that we’re seeing more and more in interior design. We’re talking about fruit prints!

What can fruit prints bring to your home on an aesthetic level? Above all, they bring color. Remember, each fruit has a certain shape and characteristic hue. This makes the home environment more dynamic. It also is a playful, colorful way to spice up your decor.

Everyone has a favorite fruit. In fact, a lot of people also just love the color of certain fruits. As a result, when using fruit prints in your home, you can consider the combination of color with the rest of your interior.

Tablecloths with fruit prints, a classic in decoration

Tablecloths with fruit prints.

Without a doubt, a significant decorative resource that can take advantage of fruit prints is tablecloths. These can add color to your kitchen or dining room and they’re easy to change.

However, it’s not necessary that the patterns show real fruit. Instead, they can also appear in a more symbolic way or via drawings. Regardless, you’ll see how much one of these fun tablecloths can energize your room with color and freshness.

In addition, what’s better than using a food-themed tablecloth? This represents aesthetics and function combined. You can also find many different types. Some repeat a single fruit or use photographs of different fruit. Others also feature green leaves.

Fruit offers a refreshing appearance and brightens the home.

Other items that can feature fruit prints

Fruit prints can also be featured on wallpaper.

There are many other decorative elements that can feature fruit prints. In fact, almost anything you can think of can have these prints. However, you need to consider the combination with the rest of your decoration.

  • Sofa cushions are a perfect place to feature fruit prints in your living room. They don’t need to be realistic. In fact, you can choose plain cushions so they don’t clash with any other colors. Basically, just make sure that that cushion matches the sofa.
  • Wallpaper is a daring choice but can create a great effect. However, you probably don’t want to cover an entire room with this type of wallpaper. Instead, consider covering a single wall. This can add color to the room without being overpowering.
  • Rugs are also a perfect place to feature fruit prints. You can find some that just feature one piece of fruit in the center. These look great in the bathroom or kitchen. On the other hand, they aren’t commonly used in the living room.
  • Curtains, either for the shower or windows, are also another place where this theme works well. Fruit print curtains in the kitchen look great because they have a food theme.

Summer bags and suitcase

Fun, colorful bags.

We all know that fruits have a summery, cheerful character. In fact, they generate an exotic feeling. Therefore, both bags and suitcases can be beautiful elements featuring this type of print.

Whether for traveling or for day-to-day use, a suitcase or a bag is an important resource. Therefore, these bags can be a great way to show off fun fruit prints. In fact, you can even find shirts or dresses with these types of prints.

Towels and bathrobes

A towel with apples.

In the bathroom, we’ve already mentioned the option of curtains with fruit prints. However, both towels and bathrobes can feature this type of print. This creates an interesting, original touch in your bathroom.

As these are things that you can use daily, they can create a very cheerful aesthetic in your bathroom and produce a very attractive decorative effect.


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