Mixing Green and Orange to Decorate your Home

Using green and orange can chromatically enrich your home interiors and activate the senses.
Mixing Green and Orange to Decorate your Home

Last update: 30 July, 2020

Is it possible to combine colors with aesthetical differences? Although some colors are very different, you can always find a common ground. In this article, we’ll talk about mixing green and orange to decorate your home interiors.

Usually, it’s complicated to establish a common aesthetic between warm and cold colors. However, you can learn to work with the possible combinations, how these can apply to your rooms and why they’re considered vibrant colors.

What’s the common ground between green and orange? What can they give you when combined? Will mixing green and orange look good? These are valid questions, and here you’ll find the answers.

An orange wall.

Decorating your living room with green and orange

The living room is an area that combines different decoration elements in which you can work out chromatisms without saturating your home interior. The difficult part is how to add green and orange in the same room.

An interesting option is using cushions in these colors. Cushions are usually small and don’t dominate. They do give a singular touch of color, especially if they’re against a neutral background, like grey, white, or dark colors.

Don’t use green and orange on the walls, or just use one on the walls and another on small decorative items like a table, a chair, cushions, or a rug.

It’s important to find balance between both colors.

Decorating your bedroom with green and orange

Mixing green and orange can be a little complicated. They can look mismatched with the rest of the space and be too intense. Therefore, you need to adjust them to the space you’d like to decorate. Here are a few tips:

  1. To bring joy and happiness to your bedroom, try using both colors differently. For example, use one on one wall and match it with a white wall.
  2. If your bedroom walls have a set color, use the rest of the furniture to create a color balance. Green is more suitable for a wall, while orange can be used for bed linen or accessories.
  3. Green gives a sense of hope and it works better in any room if you decide to use more of it than orange.
  4. If you like intense colors, mixing orange and green can go together using the Kitsch style.
A living room with orange walls.
Image: pinterest.es

Bring color to your kitchen

You can bring color to your kitchen by mixing green and orange. This is not about disrupting a traditional decorative style for a new concept. Color combinations aim to find a vibrant feeling.

Green and orange can be in different hues, some more vibrant than others. It’s worth noting that a kitchen is a functional place where you’ll be active. Therefore, using bright colors can be motivational.

In the kitchen, you can use both colors more directly. Furniture, like your household appliances, can be used to transmit a feeling of energy.

Mixing green and orange in a kitchen.

Decorating your bathroom mixing green and orange

Just like in a kitchen, a bathroom can be chromatically rich using these colors. You can create harmony by using one on the walls and matching it with the furniture. Green bathrooms are a good idea.

Anyhow, both colors need to combine well and it’s even better if you use white between them, whether on the walls, the toilet, or the floor.

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