Water Green - The Color of Summer

Water green was the color of summer 2019, but what will be the color of 2020 and how can you combine it?
Water Green - The Color of Summer

Last update: 13 June, 2020

Color is one of the most powerful ways we have of creating atmosphere, and of giving meaning and unity to different areas, and even of changing moods. Every year, experts choose their color of the year, but it’s also important to have a color of the summer. Last year’s was water green, and we’ll be telling you the color of summer 2020 in this article.

A color full of light

Painted tiles.
Painted tiles / casahomehouse.com

Without a doubt, 2019 was a year full of optimism and joy, which is why Living Coral was chosen as the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute. However, if we talk about summer, then we often look for joy and inspiration in nature, and water green gives us that and more.

If we appeal to the psychology of color, then we can see that green is a relaxing color that fills us with peace and is capable of harmonizing any area. In addition to that, it’s refreshing, as we relate it to nature, life, and fertility.

Specifically, water green can be taken as a neutral color, which can be combined with many other tones. Together with blue, it offers us one of the most positive combinations around, as it has qualities of tolerance, confidence, and well-being. See here how green and blue are the perfect tandem.

The prelude to a trend

Neo mint.
Neo Mint / /tsunami-axis.com

Water green was the color of summer 2019. But what about summer 2020? According to WGSN, one of the most trend-savvy companies around, they tell us that it will be Neo Mint, a more acidic tone but with the same base.

Neo Mint is luminous and has an excellent ability to blend with more intense shades and provide neutrality. It creates fresh and cozy spaces, but also has a touch of the modern, and is associated with technological aspects too.

Some combinations

Going back to water green again, if you’re not sure how to combine it with other colors, then we’re going to give you some ideas to get it spot on.

Water green and yellow

Water green and yellow.
Water green and yellow / pinterest.es

Freshness, joy, fun, and the open-air – summer in all its splendor! Think of the greenish-blue of the sea and the yellow tones of the sun, and you’ll create an environment that will be both fresh and welcoming.

We love how these colors look when mixed in floral prints. They can be a very interesting idea for the terrace of your house during these hot summer months.

Water green and living coral

Water green and living coral.
Water green and living coral / sherwin.cl

2019’s color of the year and color of the summer come together in perfect harmony. Here is an article in which we introduce you to living coral and talk about all its qualities.

You may remember that the Pantone Institute told us about the relationship of this color with the oceans, the coral reefs, and the awareness of preserving marine life. So, if we join it with water green then we’ll end up with a masterful combination.

In addition to that, these are complementary colors on the color wheel. If you have a look, you’ll see it very clearly, as they’re positioned one in front of the other. The end result is a match full of vitality and energy.

You can use living coral for the larger items of furniture, and add decorative details with water green if you’re looking for a lively and warm effect. For example, a coral-colored sofa and cushions in shades of blue and green would be a good idea.

Water green and toasted tones

Water green and toasted tones.
Water green and toasted tones / pinterest.es

The tones of natural wood or vegetable fibers are good companions for water green. The neutrality of the wood color is splashed with very soft green flashes.

Accessories are a good way to give those touches of freshness to your rooms: cushions, crockery, a vase, bedding… Let green fill you with life and vitality!

So, it’s not too late to open the door to water green and enjoy the color that was with us all last summer. However, you can also take a leap to the current year and experiment with the tones of 2020.

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