Tiled Floors for the Whole House

Forget the concept that tiled floors are cold! There is a wide range to choose from. Get to know the different types.
Tiled Floors for the Whole House

Last update: 10 August, 2023

What do you think about when you have to change your home’s flooring? One of the questions that you can ask yourself is: tiles or timber floors? Whether you choose tiled floors or timber floors is very important because it will define the style of the rooms. It will also affect other daily matters such as cleaning and maintenance.

What if you were to decide to use tiles throughout the whole house? Would you dare? It would certainly be an excellent choice, and of course very modern!

Why choose tiled floors?

The two main characteristics of tiled floors are: durability and style. In these times where the ‘last forever’ factor doesn’t seem to be the general rule, you can at least think of tiles as being a material that will endure the passing of time and will allow you to make many changes in the furniture and decor without problems.

Tiled floors in the living room add a classic air

Of course, this is because tiles are very versatile. You can adapt them to the majority of current decor styles (and even to any new styles that may come out).

Additionally, best of all is that you always have the possibility of changing the appearance of a tiled floor. You could add a rug or mat, or even a self-adhesive film of a different color.

If you choose a neutral color for your tiles, one that you can combine with various other stronger colors, you won’t even have to change or add anything to the tiled floor. It would be perfect if you’re one of those people who get bored of the furniture or of the color of the walls! You can change your decor at will and everything will still match the tiles.

Tiled floors can be just as useful indoors or outdoors, especially for terraces, patios and balconies.

Areas for tiled floors and characteristics

The most frequented areas of the house or with the most foot traffic (especially hallways, the kitchen or living room) are where tiled floors are especially apt. They won’t show wear and tear or be affected by temperature changes and humidity. For the same reasons, you can also have tiled floors in the bathroom or laundry.

When it comes to cleaning, tiled floors are a clear winner. You can sweep easily or vacuum in just a few minutes since the smooth texture makes it much easier to clean. That’s also why tiled floors are perfect for areas of the house that are always getting dirty, such as the kitchen.

Of course, it’s not all fantastic news when choosing tiled floors. In contrast with timber, tiles aren’t a great heat conductor. So maybe in rooms such as the bedroom or living room, tiles might not offer the comfort that you’re looking for. Perhaps to counteract that ‘cold’ sensation you could put some small rugs down alongside the bed.

Tiled floors throughout the whole house?

Some time ago, tiles were only seen in the bathroom and kitchen, or maybe out on the terrace. It wasn’t very common to see them in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms or the entrance hall. But all that has changed.

This is in part because people want to take advantage of the many benefits of this versatile material. It’s also because tiles are generally more affordable than other types of flooring, for example, timber flooring.

Choose tiled floors in neutral colors so you can change other aspects of the room at will

And don’t think that just because you choose to have tiled floors throughout the house that all the rooms have to be the same. You can differentiate between each room! There are thousands of tile designs available.

Tile Designs

There are tiled floors that exist that imitate nature or marble. Others are similar to timber or stone (in various tones). You can find still others in neutral tones such as grey or chalk. Really any piece of furniture or accessory you want to put on top will go perfectly.

Tiles can serve to make a distinction between various areas of the house if you have a ‘loft’ style home, or make it seem bigger and airier if you choose lighter colors.

When choosing tiled floors, we recommend that you don’t make the choice just thinking about today’s needs. You should think about future needs too. You don’t know yet if you might want to renovate the house in the future, buy new furniture or paint the walls in a color that’s opposite to what you have now.

So, one final tip: install your tiled floors in neutral colors. You can adapt them to any occasion and they will go well with any decor style.


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