The Use and Meaning of Spirals in Your Home Decor

If you want something that's striking and different, you can use spirals. They'll give your home a very unique feel.
The Use and Meaning of Spirals in Your Home Decor

Last update: 17 February, 2021

If you want to give your home an aesthetic that’s striking and different, you should use spirals. This is a symbol that’ll become a very unique component in your home decor.

Sometimes, you might not be sure how to arrange pictures or photographs. However, you have other options that, after all, can provide a striking, curious, and different aesthetic effect. The goal is to arrange everything to your liking.

It’s possible to give your home decor a certain artistic character. That’s to say, the pieces you introduce are key to produce a decor that’s interesting and defined.

Why use spirals in your home decor?

A purple pillow with some spirals.

If you look at the shape of the spiral itself, you could describe it as a curved line that wraps around itself. People during the Iron Age used it and, throughout history, the spiral has been prominent, it also appears in different forms for decor purposes.

You can use it in different ways, but you must bear in mind it’ll be the center of attention. It’s a different shape from what’s generally used in interiors. A way to get away from conservative trends.

On the other hand, it’s important to point out it’s neither an icon nor a defined logo. In fact, it’s a schematic and basic symbol that makes the environment more dynamic and complements the whole. You can use it as long as you don’t overdo it.

You find yourself with a component that, because of its distinction, catches everyone’s attention.

Where to use spirals

It’s important to bear in mind that this symbol can’t be placed just anywhere. The idea is for it to stand out and fit in wherever you place it. Therefore, we’re going to review the different places where you can use spirals:

  • The sofa cushions. In this case, it’s ideal to have a contrast with the color of the sofa and the cushion itself. The background must be a shade that helps highlight the spiral.
  • A spiral can also be arranged on the walls of a room, either through mirrors or any other material that you can use to create this shape. You can liven up the space by applying, for example, several spirals.
  • Hanging tapestries that have chromatic drawings of mandalas or, simply, of a large spiral. This produces an alternative and unique look. The same can be done with an oil painting or with any other art piece.
  • Wallpaper is popular since it can cover a lot of space.

Spiral lighting

Some windy lamps.

Is it possible to use spiral lighting? Yes! Also, it can be considered creative and original. It completely breaks with all traditional approaches and opens other possibilities.

You can place it on the surface of one of the walls, configuring a spiral using flashes of light that cause a special effect. In fact, you can use several colors. This is a very good setup for public spaces, bars, or restaurants.

So, can you use it inside your home? Yes, it’s possible, but you have to keep in mind you’re going to get an alternative and avant-garde look.

Using it on decor items

You can use spirals on decor items, those you place on top of shelves, countertops, chests, drawers, or other furniture.

Some are made of wrought iron, stone, wood, etc. There are so many possibilities to create your own compositions.

In short, using spirals in your home decor can become a feature within the home. This look not only contributes aesthetically but also conveys a specific meaning.


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