The Sustainable Bathroom: Discover How to Have One

To make your bathroom sustainable, you only need to carry out some minor changes and optimize the use of natural resources such as water. We'll tell you more!
The Sustainable Bathroom: Discover How to Have One

Last update: 17 January, 2022

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a sustainable bathroom? You’re not alone, because, in recent years, sustainability has become a very important issue for everyone. Even the interior decor and design sectors have reinvented themselves in search of impacting the environment in the most positive ways possible.

It’s about optimizing valuable resources such as water and energy and using materials that don’t affect the balance of the ecosystem. Of course, all of this, while still having a beautiful, elegant and modern space. Equally, none of us should forget that the bathroom is becoming an increasingly relevant space in homes.

How can you have a sustainable bathroom?

Having a sustainable bathroom isn’t as complex as it seems. Adapting it is possible by making an investment, that in both the medium and long term, has a positive impact on your pocket and generates savings. By doing this, it’s a win-win situation for you and the planet.

Change to a reduced flow faucet

Bathroom faucet

The excessive use of water is one of the aspects that worries us the most for two reasons. The first has to do with the impact on our family finances and the second with the preservation of this vital resource, which is limited.

Equally, reducing the flow rate of the faucet will help to reduce spending and consumption, starting the path towards sustainability. These types of elements also have another advantage and that is that they allow the reduced water flow, to remain fully functional.

Ideally, you should implement this change in the shower as well and in all the faucets in the home. By doing this, you’ll notice an outstanding difference.

Single-lever mixer for a sustainable bathroom

In addition to opting for a low-flow faucet, it’s important that it’s a single-lever mixer. This is an efficient system that mixes hot and cold water much better and faster compared to a two-handle faucet.

Undoubtedly, this mechanism has an impact on economic and environmental spending, since you won’t have to leave the faucet open and waste water until the hot water comes out. Subsequently, the combination between mixer taps and a low-flow system is perfect.

Think about where to locate your water heater

In case you didn’t know, the location of your water heater can positively or negatively affect energy consumption. The best thing is that this appliance isn’t located too far from the bathroom. The reason is that the further away it is, the longer it takes for the hot water to reach the faucet and the more energy is used.

When it comes to water, electricity, and gas, save as much as possible by investing in a modern and mixed heater and installing it as close to the bathroom as possible.

Don’t go overboard with hot water

Shower water outlet.

For a relaxing and healthy shower, the water temperature should be between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When you raise the temperature there’s a greater energy expenditure and you can expose yourself to altering the pH of your skin. In the medium term, you may observe how your skin dries out.

Bathing in water that’s too hot affects both you and the environment. So it’s worth calculating the temperature that we recommend.

Double flush toilets

When it comes to making a bathroom sustainable, even the toilet is important. Thinking about it, it’s best to change the traditional toilet for a double flush. These elements are a little more expensive, but they manage to reduce up to 50 percent of water consumption.

In the long term, the saving in terms of both resources and money will be significant, since a short flush is enough to leave the toilet clean.

Choose quality, durable materials

To ensure your bathroom is completely sustainable, don’t let any details slip through the net! Use quality, natural and durable materials and make a worthwhile investment in a timeless, modern style that goes with your tastes.

This guarantees that you don’t spend too much money on regular and expensive renovations or increase the demand and exploitation of different resources. Choose materials such as wood that, in addition to being durable, ensure functionality and comfort, and makes any bathroom look great.

Bathroom lighting

Lighting is very important in a space that’s usually small, such as the bathroom. Also because we spend a lot of time in there getting ready and cleaning ourselves, we need to have a good visual range.

However, we must ensure that the bulbs we use are economical or low consumption such as LEDs. Also, try to strategically install lights with a few units so that you have a good lighting range.

Clean with organic products

Preparation of vinegar.

To complete the sustainable transformation of your bathroom, we recommend using organic products to clean it. Keep in mind that chemicals that make up traditional cleaning products can remain in the natural water currents, affecting the different species that live there.

There are products specially made with natural ingredients. If the price seems too high, you can try vinegar, lemon or bicarbonate, which don’t pollute and are very useful in cleaning.

Go ahead! Transform your bathroom! Make it sustainable!

We’ve shared some tips to make your bathroom a sustainable place that’s friendly with both the environment and your pocket. Remember, one of the principles of sustainability is to preserve our resources for future generations.

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