Including LED Strip and Tape Lights in Home Decor

One of the latest advancements in sustainable lighting material that's had huge success on the market is LED strip lighting. The latest decor trend includes strip and tape lights in home decor.
Including LED Strip and Tape Lights in Home Decor

Last update: 09 March, 2020

LED strip and tape lights are a complement to traditional lighting that you’ll find more and more in home decor today. This includes both indoor and outdoor decor, above all because of their aesthetic effect.

Are you looking to create a modern atmosphere in your home, provide secondary lighting to a room, jazz up some shelves or simply join the latest fashion in lighting technology? Take a look through the following advantages of these versatile and striking items. Below we’ll tell you all about them.

LED strip and tape lights for modern decor

Today, LED strip lights are a common sight in lighting and home decor. They increase visibility (by complementing standard lighting), and at the same time help to decorate the home.

Neon LED strip lights and controller

To understand some of the advantages of these products, consider these aspects:

  • They work in four different power supplies: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, and 220VAC.
  • LED strip lighting comes in neutral or cool colors.
  • You can put them up either inside or outdoors, as a backup light source as well as a decor item (or both).
  • Among LED strip and tape lights for strictly decorative uses, you can even find models with colored light bulbs.
  • They can be rigid or flexible. However, you can adapt either kind easily to your home.
  • In work areas (such as offices or kitchens) they increase visibility and create a more modern environment, that’s pleasant to work in.

LED technology is an excellent option for the home, especially because it lasts a long time and doesn’t contain mercury.

Controllers for LED strip lights

Remote controllers for specialist lighting

Here’s another appealing aspect to LED strip lights – they have controllers. These are an additional tool that allows you to control the strip lights from a distance.

The remote controls the intensity and shade of the lights, turning them on and off, and even any extra decorative effects.

The perfect placement

While rigid LED strip lights can be a little difficult to mount, flexible LED strip and tape lights have super easy mounting. You can put them almost anywhere. However, there are spots where they will be especially suitable, both in a functional and an aesthetic sense. For example:

  • Hallways
  • Cornices
  • Baseboards
  • Planters and window boxes
  • Edges of steps
  • Around countertops
  • Staircase handrails
Installing tape lighting is a simple job

Of course, many other spots around the house would also be perfect for LED strip lights. It all depends on the characteristics of the room and your personal preferences.

Some people even feature LED strip lights in their pot plants, or on certain items of furniture to make them into a real feature. This way they achieve original, indirect lighting.

Installation and type to use

Since the tape is flexible, you can install them in a straight line (on a wall, for example), or a curved line (around a pillar), horizontally, or vertically.

Without a doubt, this flexibility and versatility are some of the characteristics that have contributed to the rapid growth in popularity of this kind of lighting.

Depending on the type of room and the purpose of the lighting, you should consider one or other specific kinds of LED strip lighting. For instance, for standard lighting in passageways, it’s recommended to use strips of 60 LEDs per meter. And on the other hand, for gentler lighting, just for decor purposes, you could use strip lights of 30 LED lights per meter.

You can find LED strip and tape lights at good prices and high quality in specialist LED lighting stores.

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