Showerheads: Types and Advantages

Learn about the different types of showerheads, as well as their advantages and add a plus to your bathroom experience. There's certainly one to fit your tastes and budget. Keep reading!
Showerheads: Types and Advantages

Last update: 22 May, 2021

Also known as a sprinkler, showerheads are the upper part of the shower, through which the water comes out. Depending on the space and design of your shower, you can have more than one. There are different options and each one has its own advantages.

It all depends on the type of head, thanks to which we can adjust the pressure. And the way in which the water comes out. These types of elements allow us to enjoy our showers more. This has been evolving in concept and is no longer just a space to keep ourselves clean, but a place to also relax and recover.

In fact, some showers have a fixed shower head, which can be considered traditional, and a portable one, which you’ll have seen hanging on the side of the tap or the bathtub. This also serves to shower and usually gives more flexibility, since it comes with a hose or flex that allows it to move.

How do showerheads work?

Complement the bathroom experience with two utensils.

The showerhead has different parts depending on its model. The most common has a shower arm that can be fixed or portable; the head, which has holes through which the water comes out, and the anti-scale filter, which retains a large percentage of the lime found in drinking water.

Its operation is simple: you must program or adjust the type of water outlet and pressure, open the faucet and that’s it. Enjoy your shower!

Types of showerheads and their advantages

Well, now that you can identify a showerhead and how easy it is to use, you’ll probably not want to settle for a traditional shower. So we’ll tell you about the types and advantages that the market offers you.

Type of showerhead according to its fixing

Fixed ceiling showerheads

Fixed ceiling shower head.

This showerhead is recessed into the ceiling of the shower. The hose or bar isn’t visible and although it’s a very elegant design, you’ll only have one option. This means that you won’t be able to adjust the direction in which the water falls. Some modern showers allow you to adjust some functions such as temperature and pressure.

Fixed showerheads

This is the most traditional and the one that’s attached to the shower bar located between the tiles. This bar determines the height and distance at which the water falls. Some types have a sliding head that allows you to direct the water outlet.

Portable or handheld showerhead

In addition to the traditional shower at the top, there’s a hose on one side with a showerhead that allows you to pass the water wherever you want and in the direction you want.

This type allows you more flexibility. If one day you have back pain you can increase the water pressure and focus it on the affected area.

Types of showerheads according to size and shape

Digital shower head.

These showerheads come in different sizes and shapes. The choice will depend on the space of your shower and how much you enjoy a large or small jet of water. You can find them in these shapes:

  • Square.
  • Round.
  • Rectangular.

Type of showerhead suited to your water outlet

The intensity of the water jet depends on the number of holes.

The way in which the water comes out of the showerhead is determined by the number, size, and shape of the holes in it. These showerheads offer different outlets:

  • Rain: usually large and has lots of holes. The effect is achieved when the water falls without much pressure. The water covers the entire body.
  • High pressure: to achieve this effect, the showerhead holes are usually closer together, although there are some that offer both effects. You can change this mode to disable the holes so that the water forcefully flows out of one single hole.
  • Massage: in this case and depending on the model, the vibration, frequency, and output mode of the water will be activated to offer you a delicious, spa-like massage.

However, the experience in the bathroom doesn’t stop there! There are showerheads that have led lights, which can vary depending on the pressure with which the water comes out. Some modern models also come with activated carbon filters or bio-active gel balls. In this way, the water will come out with extra components that seek to take care of the skin and hair.

Which type of showerhead do you like the most?

If you’re looking for a showerhead that’ll make your entry to the bathroom an experience, you’ve got many options to choose from. There’s also a great variety of prices, so you’ll surely be able to find one that fits your needs and budget.

In addition, the showerheads are usually adapted to suit different types of showers. You can even find one that goes with the colors and type of decoration of your bathroom!